Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Fox News' Geraldo Rivera: I Disagree With Donald 
Trump On Birther Stuff; Trying To Provoke Obama

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera told Fox News' Alan Colmes he doesn't agree with Donald Trump on the Birther issue...

Well, that's a shocker. Not!

Rivera says he likes Trump personally but he's bothered by anybody that goes ad hominem after the pResident in regards to the birther stuff. He said he holds the pResident in higher regard and suggested the birther stuff is just a shtick for Trump to try and provoke a response from Obama.

Like the response from Obama on April 27th, 2011?

( Audio via Fox News. )

@GeraldoRivera, Anytime you're ready to go mic-to-mic again just shoot me another email...

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