Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fail: Journalism Professor Attacks Governor 
Sarah Palin; You Give Comfort To Obama Birthers

The following is another prime example of why the American news media is in such dire straits.
Indiana University-Purdue University journalism professor and far-left Huffington Post writer Chris Lamb satirically encourages Governor Sarah Palin to run in 2016 so she can show America how dangerous the Tea Party is.

Fake journalism via Huffington Post:

Run Sarah, Run! 
This country is politically divided and you can bring us closer. We need a national figure who can bring the ideas of the Tea Party to the American people in a national election. 
I am confident that once those ideas are put before all the American people, and not just people living in particular states or regions, we will see them for what they are. 
Really bad ideas. Narrow, ignorant, and dangerous ideas. 
It is in the best interests of the country to hear you promote Tea Party nativism. In doing so, the country will reject the Tea Party supporters as it did others before them, the Know-Nothings of the 1850s and the John Birchers in the 1960s. 
You gave us death panels. You give comfort to Obama birthers and global warming deniers. You did a radio interview with a Canadian comic who convinced you he was French president Nicholas Sarkozy. Your notion of family values is having your family duke it out in a drunken brawl. [...] Huffington Post.

I don't recall Tea Party rallies ever getting violent or even arrests like we've seen with the recent leftist rallies/riots from Ferguson to New York to Los Angeles. Or, like the leftist cop car crapping Obama Occupiers that illegally camped out around the country. And, I don't recall the Tea Party or Gov. Palin being against legal immigration.

TP is for smaller government. The acronym Tea means, "taxed enough already". How's that dangerous?

Man, talk about a war on women!? The left Hates Gov. Palin with a passion.

The sad part is this guy's actually teaching students to become journalists. He should have his credentials stripped.

Professor Lamb gets a big fat ...