Sunday, January 11, 2015

News Radio Broadcaster On Mystery Obama: 
Quintessential Example Why You Need To Profile

On Wednesday radio broadcaster and investigative writer Ben Barrack discussed his latest investigative report with radio broadcaster Peter Boyles. The report covered some unanswered questions about Barack Obama's college years and his radical islamists-financier brother Malik Obama. Wednesday's raw podcast embedded below.

The first YouTube audio is an excerpt from Barrack's follow-up interview with Boyles the next day(1/8). They were discussing the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris and Obama's apparent Islamist-sympathizing actions when Boyles brought up the elephant in the room; Obama's suppressed bonafides and manufactured birth certificate.

Barrack says Obama is the quintessential example why you need to profile.

Boyles also reports he'll be doing a piece this coming week on Obama's credentials...


Programming note: When I went back to the Boyles podcast page to get the embed for the full segment all the hourly podcasts were missing for January 8th-9th. Luckily I had downloaded the full interview Thursday.

( Audio via KNUS )

Barrack also rips the news media pointing out how they surrendered their duty...

Here is Barrack's Wednesday interview with Boyles on the Barack Obama and Malik Obama investigative report: