Friday, December 5, 2014

Under Fire: U.S. District Judge Threatens 
Sheriff Joe Arpaio With Contempt Of Court Case

Commenter GB: The Obama administration would never do a kangaroo court on political grounds. Just because Janet Reno is someone whose feet he held to the fire while she was Arizona governor. Just because he did the most thorough investigation of the illegal-alien-in-chief's lack of a US Birth Certificate. And he stands for the rule of law as opposed to the rule of Democrats. Just ask any tea party group who wanted tax exempt status in 2012 or Dinesh DeSouza or Tom DeLay. They'd surely confirm it would never happen.

The giveaway is in the article, even. The judge "suspects" something is happening so he is trying to hamstring and destroy the sheriff's department. And these are being appealed by Arpaio, wonder if the judge expects his orders to be obeyed anyway, effectively ignoring checks and balances and the appeals process. Oh, and Arpaio should, according to the judge, instruct his deputies *not* to obey the law of the land and stop illegal aliens. Who do they think he is? A democrat? Mr. B. Hussein Obama? [...]

Fox News reports: Arizona judge may appoint prosecutor in Sheriff Joe Arpaio' contempt of court case

A 7-year-old racial profiling case against an Arizona sheriff known for immigration enforcement is about to enter a new phase as a judge considers whether to seek punishment against the lawman for disregarding the court's orders.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow will hold a hearing Thursday to discuss appointing a prosecutor to press a contempt-of-court case against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who could face punishment ranging from daily fines to jail time if he is found to be in contempt.

Still, a racial profiling expert said he wouldn't expect the judge to jail Arpaio and instead would probably gradually ramp up the severity of his punishments if the sheriff continued to defy the judge.

"I don't think that's very likely, simply because he is an elected official," David A. Harris, a University of Pittsburgh law professor who studies racial profiling, said of the possibility of jail time. [...] Fox News Latino.

ABC News further reports: Judge Moves Closer to Contempt Case Against Arpaio

A judge moved one step closer to launching a contempt-of-court case against metro Phoenix's sheriff for his office's repeated violations of orders issued in a racial-profiling case.

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow didn't actually start the contempt case at a hearing Thursday attended by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. But Snow sent strong signals that he intends to pursue contempt cases that could expose the sheriff to fines and perhaps jail time.


Arpaio came to court Thursday accompanied by criminal defense lawyer Melvin McDonald, but he didn't speak at the hearing.

"We have dedicated a lot of resources in the past, present and future to comply with the court's orders," Arpaio said as he left the courtroom, declining other requests to comment.

As the sheriff walked from the courthouse to a waiting car, he was swarmed by reporters as a handful of anti-Arpaio protesters yelled at him. "Arrest Arpaio, not the people," one protester shouted.

Tom Liddy, one of the lawyers defending the sheriff in the profiling case, said he doesn't believe Arpaio will go to jail. "It's very important to all involved that we don't make assumptions that something happened and then proceed with the contempt process," Liddy said. [...] ABC News.

NavyVet: Maybe Joe should give Holder a call, and ask how to stay in office when faced with contempt charges.