Thursday, December 11, 2014

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Thinks: NRO Writer Tom Rogan Confronted 
Over Swipe At Birthers; Dems Purge The Record

National Review Online(NRO) writer Tom Rogan decided he would compare Senate Democrats to Birthers...

The NRO title and excerpt in question:

Senate Democrats Purge the Record
Its report on enhanced-interrogation techniques amounts to intelligence birtherism.

[...] Defined by selective accounts and distorted by a partisan agenda, this Senate Intelligence Committee report is intelligence birtherism. Conspiring against truth, it sacrifices American patriots and America’s security in an “Oldspeak”-style of purging the record of any truth. Unconcerned by the propaganda victory they’ve given to U.S. enemies (contemplate how ISIS will manipulate this report), or the cost for liaison-intelligence relationships (foreign services will worry that future cooperation will be misrepresented), the Senate Intelligence Committee has shamed itself and the citizens it claims to serve. [...] - NRO.

A Birther Report report reader emailed the following to both NRO and Tom Rogan:

In a National Review Online article by Tom Rogan, the site uses the title "Intelligence Birtherism" to suggest that there is some equivalence between the "birthers" and the a Senate that "willfully ignores facts." 
I find this unusual in light of the fact that the congress and media outlets like NRO so willfully ignore the compelling case alleging forgery and fraud in the production of obama's LFBC PDF and selective service registration card. 
KO, well down the page. 
12/9 2:45 PM
Intelligence Birtherism                                                                                                                      The Senate report willfully ignores facts.
Tom Rogan

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The reader also emailed the NRO writer,

Greetings, Thomas Rogan. 
I am very interested in finding out whether you created the title "Intelligence Birtherism" for the link to the December 9th, 2014 story you authored about Senate Democrats purging the record. 
I find the reference to birtherism in the front page title very unusual in light of the fact that the article makes no mention of birthers, and I would be interested to know exactly what you or the individual who created the title meant when using the term.  It seems to be an effort to disparage individuals who have legitimate concerns about inconsistencies in obama's nativity, documentation, and "narrative." 
Thank you very much for your assistance. 

A commenter at NRO writes,

What's wrong with the National Review? The front page link titles this article "Intelligence Birtherism" but the article has no reference to birthers anywhere. Exactly what does National Review consider "birtherism" to be, and how is it at all relevant to this article? Are birthers those who think obama was born in Kenya? Are birthers those who believe the pretensident's birth certificate pdf was computer-generated? Are birthers those who believe that Sheriff Joe Arpaio's allegations of forgery and fraud in the production of the pretensident's lfbc pdf and selective service registration card need an open and honest investigation? Or is birtherism simply a term aggregating those with legitimate concerns who are lumped together in order to dismiss them? 
The National Review basically ignored Jack Cashill's book about Bill Ayers authoring obama's autobiography. Now National Review casually smears a group with legitimate concerns about matters that could end the obama pretensidency in five minutes. Keep up the good work while the country suffers such easily-preventable harm. - NRO.

Maybe NRO's Tom Rogan should focus on The Great Purge, i.e., Obama's ever-changing background!?