Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Six Pack: Last Birther Post For 2014; 
Newsers Love To Pimp & Slap Birthers

This will be the final post for 2014. It is a smorgasbord of birther related talk from around the Interweb...

First shot via Daily Caller:

Let’s Root For A Smaller GOP Primary Field In 2016 
This sounds like something I might have written in 2008 — prior to the benefit of having endured two losing cycles where the Republican clown car of candidates made for an ugly primary fight. Donald Trump flirted with running, so we got a plethora of “birther” talk. There was also Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann. Some of these candidates sucked up oxygen, playing into the worst stereotypes about conservatives, and giving the media permission to paint conservatives as out of touch. 
Being president is a serious job, and we should not be encouraging people to run whose motives are attention or landing a cable news show. [...] Daily Caller.

Never mind the polls show the so-called Birther issue is of great concern and is not fringe....

Second shot via Huffington Post U.K.:

10 Most Nativist, Bigoted, Unhinged And Conspiratorial Moments From America In 2014 
Bewigged birther Donald Trump worked himself into a tantrum in October, blaming the outbreak of Ebola in the US (at the time four out of 316 million people) on President Obama. He took to Twitter to clear his throat... [...] Huffington Post.

What do you expect? It's Huffington Post!

Third shot via News & Record:

Obama: Accidental divider? 
I doubt Obama will stand up in history as a better-than-average president, but his record is far better than that of his predecessor, George W. Bush, who dragged the country into a wrongheaded war in Iraq and left office with the economy in near-free fall. Are we better off today than we were six years ago? Absolutely. But you wouldn't know it by the animosity directed at Obama and contentions that he is "destroying" or "fundamentally transforming" the country. 
Add the lingering birther nonsense and still-heard accusations that Obama is a socialist or Muslim or whatever, and it's reasonable to suppose that much of this malice stems from his race. Just by being elected president, then, Obama unearthed this strain of racism that was always just below the surface. This is easily recognized by many black Americans, contributing to their distrust of the conservative movement. [...] News & Record.

Another writer that ignores known facts surrounding the mystery man occupying the White House...

Fourth shot via Western Journalism:

Pithy Bumper Sticker Response To Birther Claims Making Social Media Rounds Again

Though there are plenty of Americans determined to prove Barack Obama is unqualified to serve as president amid claims he was born in Kenya instead of Hawaii, other critics of the current administration have concluded that focusing on his birthplace ignores a far greater concern. This sentiment is expressed succinctly in a phrase that has gained traction after being shared by a number of prominent conservative sources.

The basic idea that Americans should be more upset by Obama’s actions in office than any potential fraud that got him there is not a new one. In fact, phrases very similar to the one displayed in the image above have been shared since the 2012 election cycle. [...] Western Journalism.

Great idea. Let's continue to ignore the one issue that could wipe out all the other issues....

Fifth shot via The Hayride:

SARGE: Malaise 
The 2016 election is for the Republicans to lose; and it appears as though they’re getting an early start in the effort. Mitt Romney is being courted as an elder statesman and seer who couldn’t quite pull it off when confronted by a huckster such as Obama. One must remember: a person (in order to be considered eligible for the presidency) must have a specific guile and cunning necessary to twist reality and suspend his audience’s sense of disbelief. Romney’s a nice guy. Evidently nobody wanted a nice guy. They wanted a charlatan and illusionist capable of making them feel good with the snake oil he peddled rather than help cure the nation’s ills with operable and understandable programs showing fiscal responsibility. 
Now, Scott Walker is being shown in courtly prominence as the hierarchy of the Republican Party salivates over a new face that stood up to the Unions and won: twice. He’s a H-E-R-O in their eyes. He has no prominent dirty linen and he’s a genuinely nice guy. Uh-oh! 
Then we get to throw in the gaggle of colorful drakes pestering the flock and we see some of the old decoys among the puddle paddlers. Paul Ryan was Romney’s partner and carries the stigma of being a “once ran-then lost”. Mike Huckabee was an also-ran culled before the big show. Ted Cruz is questionable because his father was an émigré to Canada and Cruz was born in Canada. His birth certificate is Canadian and his mother is from Delaware. It’s a major point of contention to draw attention from real issues. It would also brand Republicans as hypocrites after the “birther” controversies leveled at Obama. 
Bobby Jindal is a born in America citizen, the child of immigrants from India. He’s so dyed in the wool American he chose to be called “Bobby” after the character in the Brady Bunch TV Show rather than get hung with his real name; Piyush. Piyush isn’t quite All-American “doncha know”. The other thing is he’s spent so much time campaigning for other candidates and raising funds for the Republican Party he’s been alleged to be a real rival to Obama for the title of “Most Often Away From His Desk Politician in any of his Administrations”. Here in Louisiana, we call him “Bullet Point Bobby”. Ask a question and he answers it with a pithy, vague statement. Ask for the answer to the question he didn’t answer a minute ago and he’ll circle back to the previous hackneyed “bullet-point“ answer. [...] The Hayride.

The point about Bobby Jindal isn't so clear cut as I believe his parents were not yet U.S. citizens upon his birth...

Sixth shot via Salina Post (commenters):

Obama: As a black man he’s been mistaken for valet 
Birther: bho has also been mistaken as a US Citizen but Sheriff Joe Arpaio has evidence to the contrary. 
Seriously: You're right and the first "birther" who challenged the fraudulent birth document of Obama was Hillary Clinton the democrat! (As for the fake birth document, first nobody could find it within the hospital records of Hawaii, then it suddenly appeared a few years later, but Sheriff Joe's cold case detective squad determined it was a modern "photoshopped" fake document and they stand by their statements. It's probably true what the people in his father's village of Kenya have said for years, "Obama was born here!") Obama is NOT a legal US citizen, so all of his actions thus far are based on frauds and lies. [...] Salina Post.

Although there's nothing really on the record by Hillary Clinton her surrogate Phil Berg challenged Obama.

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