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Reality Check: Office Of Vital Statistics Issued 860,000 
Birth Certificates In 2008; Only 45,622 Births In 2008

Some readers may recall back in 2010 Birther Report reported that the government of Puerto Rico invalidated every (over 4 million) birth certificate issued before 2010 due to rampant document fraud and identity theft.

Then in 2012 we reported here, via the AP: Arrests In Document Fraud Case: Hundreds of Birth Certificates, Social Security Numbers Sold

Fifty people have been accused of conspiring to sell the identities of hundreds of Puerto Ricans to illegal immigrants on the U.S. mainland in the largest single fraud case ever for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, authorities said Wednesday.

Hundreds of birth certificates, Social Security numbers and driver's licenses were sold for up to $2,500 a set as part of a black market ring based in Puerto Rico that operated from since at least April 2009, according to ICE Director John Morton.

"The vast majority were legitimate documents obtained by fraudulent or false means," he said.

The alleged ring consisted of suppliers, runners and brokers, who made coded phone calls asking for "skirts" for female customers and "pants" for male customers in specific "sizes", which referred to ages and identities sought, according to ICE.

The documents would be sent through priority or express mail from Puerto Rico to brokers that operated in at least 15 states including Ohio, Texas, Florida and North Carolina, officials said. [...] - More.

Now, fast forward to 2014... Watchdog Florida reports: Those with fake birth certificates find it’s easy to live the American dream

It may be getting harder to sneak into the United States, but once you’ve arrived, getting fake documents in Florida is a piece of cake.

Counterfeit, altered or stolen birth certificates coming from Puerto Rico are the Holy Grail to Florida’s undocumented. With a phony birth certificate you can live the American dream. You can also enroll in school, land a job and get a driver’s license. (It has also been estimated that up to 40 percent of the passport fraud in the United States involves counterfeit or stolen birth certificates from Puerto Rico.)

The racket was made possible thanks to a law passed in 1917 by Congress, which granted U.S. citizenship to all Puerto Ricans. Now, desperate economic times together with eye-popping profits have created a black market where for as little as $25 a birth certificate can be bought and later resold for $5,000.

The fraud has become so common in Florida that four years ago, the Puerto Rican government passed a law that voided all birth certificates issued before 2010, reducing the value of birth certificates being sold on the black market.

All Puerto Ricans living on the island and in the United States had to obtain new birth certificates that included greater security features such as counterfeit proof paper with special seals and motifs to stop counterfeiters from duplicating the documents.

But the new law hasn’t done much to curb fraud.

With 4.9 million Puerto Ricans, according to the last official count, living in the United States and another 3.7 million residing in Puerto Rico, “the numbers just don’t add up,” said Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder, a Puerto Rican running for governor in the republican primaries.

“Every day 100 people from Puerto Rico come to live here in Florida,” she said. “We don’t have enough population (referring to the number of people actually born in Puerto Rico) to have all those people coming.”

The discrepancies are staggering. Security Alliance reports that in 2008, 45,622 children were born in Puerto Rico. But in that same year, 860,000 certified copies of birth certificates were issued by the Office of Vital Statistics. Many of these official copies were used to enroll into school, join sports leagues and church groups.

Cuevas said there are a lot of people living in Puerto Rico who don’t have the means to leave.

“There are the children, and very poor people that just can’t afford leaving the island,” she said. “So how is possible that all those people are coming?”

She said Puerto Rico’s struggling economy has allowed the birth certificates black market to flourish, and that when given the chance to make a few extra dollars, some Puerto Ricans opt to sell their identities to the highest bidder.

Puerto Rico’s new law may have been well-intentioned, but she said it didn’t go far enough. “The law approved in 2010 doesn’t work, because if you already have a (fraudulent) birth certificate you can renew it online or by email. Nobody is certifying that you are the person you say you are.”

While America looks to the borders to control illegal immigration, some say the focus should be on the thousands of fake green cards, Social Security cards and birth certificates. [...] Continued @ Watchdog Florida.

After Watchdog Florida tweeted out their report some of their readers tweeted back:

CDR Kerchner noted back in 2010: Puerto Rico Birth Certificate Fraud Crisis: Is Invalidating All a Fix?

And Hawaii had the same problems in 1961 with BIRTH REGISTRATION FRAUD, the year Obama was registered as being born in Hawaii, when he was born in Kenya instead. Listen to the explanation of how easy birth registration fraud was to do in Hawaii in 1961. Hawaii was the victim of its own lax laws in 1961 and now instead of owning up to it they are covering up for Obama. [...] More.



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