Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Collusion: Salon Writer Pimps How Mainstream 
News Media & GOP Establishment Suppressed Birthers  

Meet another writer that ignores Obama's own details. Salon's Elias Isquith shamelessly notes how the mainstream media and the Republican establishment managed to push the birthers to the fringes of the GOP.  Isquith is correct in regards to the GOP establishment, but it would be factually incorrect to label the birther issue as fringe. Before Obama's purported long-form birth certificate was published to 6 of 10 polled by CNN doubted Obama's official U.S. birth story. Although that number may have decreased some after the "release" there is still a very large segment of the electorate that doubt Obama's official story. Far from fringe numbers.

Excerpt via Elias Isquith @ Salon:
Rudy Giuliani crosses line on race: Why GOP must finally push back on his recklessness 
Blaming the murder of two NYPD officers on President Obama isn't just stupid — it's delegitimizing and obscene   
[...] While it should not surprise us that a man who once, in complete earnestness, said “[f]reedom is about authority” thinks all forms of organized dissent against law enforcement are illegitimate, we should be shaken and concerned by the complete lack of pushback from other elite Republicans that Giuliani’s comments received. Despite the fact that nothing — absolutely, positively nothing — the president said in response to the turmoil in Ferguson or the outrage in Staten Island could be reasonably construed as even tacitly endorsing violence, no high-profile GOPer even tried to scold “America’s mayor” for his brazen claims. In spite of the fact that Giuliani’s comments could only make sense if you accepted a racialized and erroneous subtext (black protesters and president vs. white police), no Republican publicly disagreed. And when Erick Erickson, predictably, brought Giuliani’s insinuation to the surface, saying Obama “does not like the United States,” the silence remained. 
When we think of the ways in which Obama’s most virulent enemies have sought to delegitimize him, to depict him not only as wrong on various issues as well as lacking in character but as fundamentally deceitful and un-American, we conjure up images of the birthers. We think of claims that he’s actually from Kenya and/or Indonesia, that he’s lying about his Christianity and/or as his name. But even though the Democrats, the mainstream media and elements of the Republican establishment have managed to push the birthers to the fringes of the GOP, there’s little reason to think Giuliani, Erickson and others who make arguments like theirs will be ostracized from polite society. That’s a great injustice — because what they’re doing now and what the birthers do is, fundamentally, the same. 
Granted, alleging President Obama is on a decades-long mission, which began at the time of his birth, to destroy the United States from within is much more superficially outlandish than alleging that he encourages the murder of police. But both claims, at their essence, depict the president as alien from the rest of American society, as an interloper with nefarious designs. For the birthers, Obama is a secret Muslim or Marxist or lizard (or a combination of all three) who wants to weaken the U.S. in order to implement some shadowy scheme. And for Giuliani and Erickson, he’s a secret radical, a crypto-black nationalist, the New Black Panther Party’s best friend in D.C. He’s not a milquetoast liberal technocrat reformer, but an extremist in camouflage, inciting a race war and the murder of police. 
These wild, bigoted fever dreams are dangerous accusations for anyone to excuse or ignore, no matter the target. But they’re especially unacceptable when the accused is the first African-American president of the United States. [...] Continued @ Salon.

And never mind the fact Obama listed himself as born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia for sixteen years...

Merry Christmas!