Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Credibility: Newsmax Takes Swipe At Donald Trump 
Over Obama's Birth Certificate; Birther Figurehead?

Newsmax takes a swipe at Donald Trump in a piece highlighting 5 hurdles they believe Trump will face in a 2016 presidential run. Like the rest of the media, Newsmax ignores the various polls that show a significant number of Americans have serious doubts about the constitutional eligibility of the current White House occupant.

Excerpt via Newsmax:

Donald Trump 2016: 5 Hurdles Facing GOP Presidential Hopeful

3. The birther conspiracy: When Donald Trump became a figurehead for the birther movement that claims President Obama's birth certificate was forged, he lost credibility in the political arena. Trump's efforts to discredit the president garnered a significant amount of media attention and he was accused of deliberately using the issue as a publicity stunt. Politico reports Trump's response, "I have never been so serious as I am now.” [...] Newsmax.

If I recall correctly, Trump's poll numbers actually started to surge as he ramped up his push for Obama's records.

Fair to say, most all news outlets get a Big Fat F for their failure to uphold their supposed principles...