Thursday, December 11, 2014

Louisiana Obama Sheriff Joe Arpaio Birther Report

Criminal Complaint Filed At Louisiana Court 
Based On Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Obama Investigation 

For Immediate Release and Publication-

Filed today in Iberia Parish Courthouse, New Iberia, Louisiana 
File Number: 2014-00011649
Book: 1572
Page: 127
Louisiana Obama Sheriff Joe Arpaio Birther Report
December 10, 2014

Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal
Iberia Parish District Attorney Phil Haney
Iberia Parish President Errol Romero
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
Louisiana Attorney General James Caldwell
Louisiana Congressman/Senator-Elect Bill Cassidy
Louisiana Senator David Vitter
Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu
Louisiana Congressman Charles Boustany
Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise
Louisiana Congressman John Fleming
Louisiana Congressman Vance Macallister
Louisiana Congressman Cedric Richmond


All those above and who have the power to stop and prosecute the crimes of fraud, usurpation, abuse of office and treason against the united States, Louisiana and People of Iberia Parish by Barack Hussein Obama and the complicits must act now under demand for said actions. Evidence of said crimes now in your possession this tenth day of December in the year of our Lord 2014.
Those in its stead turn a blind eye are guilty of felony rescue misprison of felony and are part of the crime and conspiracy thereby.

You are duty bound to defend and protect the People of Iberia Parish against all crimes, conspiracies and injuries.

Silence and inaction can only be equated with malfeasance, dereliction of duty and complicity where there is a legal and moral duty to act.

I demand your affidavit plan of action in response within 10 days.

Respectfully Yours in Liberty in Louisiana,

Richard David Hayes et al
Accompanied documents include:
Articles of Impeachment of Barack Hussien Obama
An Investgation Into The Fraudulent Identity Documents of Barack Obama
Hereditary Peers' Briefing Paper- "Is The President The President"

Richard David Hayes  337.365.1553

Louisiana Obama Sheriff Joe Arpaio Birther Report