Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hawaii Office of Information Practices Says Barack 
 Obama’s SSN Issued Out Of Connecticut NOT Hawaii
Linda Jordan | Birther Report

In an August 4, 2011 advisory opinion the Hawaii Office of Information Practices (OIP) determined that the entire SSN should be redacted when agencies respond to public records requests, not just the first 5 numbers. Why?

Because, “ as demonstrated by a recent study, the last four digits combined with reasonable guesses as to year and place of birth could allow someone to determine the full social security number.” 1

They go on to say that,

It is important to note here that the first five digits of a social security number are not random numbers, but instead reflect the time and place at which the application for a social security number was submitted.

The time and place. So where someone lived when they applied for their social security number and when they applied for it, is reflected in the first five digits of the social security number. Who knew?

Everyone, including Obama deflectors, AKA forged document deniers (FDD’s).

‘Predicting Social Security Numbers from Public Data’ Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 106(27), 10975-10980 (2009), Alessandro Acquisti and Ralph Gross

(Office of Information Practices, Hawaii, Annual Report 2013, page 38, Statement of Goals)

In an effort to cover up the fact that Barack Obama is using a stolen SSN they have repeatedly said that SSN’s have no relation what so ever to where you were born or where you were living when you applied for a SSN. Hawaii disagrees.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the fact that Barack Obama is using a SSN 2 that starts with the prefix 042 means that it was issued out of Connecticut to someone with a Connecticut address.3 A fact that Hawaii OIP acknowledges in their legal opinion.

3 Connecticut SSN start with 040-049, Hawaii SSN start with 575-576.

It was not issued out of Hawaii, where Obama was living when he purportedly applied for his SSN. It was not issued to someone with a Hawaiian address.

Hawaiian SSN’s, according to the SSA, start with a 575 or 576 prefix and Connecticut SSN’s start with a 040-049 prefix.

Well then, the FDD’s sputter, so what if it is a Connecticut SSN that was assigned, according to SSA records, in March 1977 when Obama was a 15 year old living in Hawaii, that does not mean it’s a STOLEN SSN.

After all, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that Obama flew to Connecticut that spring, took up a Connecticut residence, applied for a SSN using that address and then returned to Hawaii before the end of the school year and just in time for his  shift at Baskin and Robbins.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Linda Jordan is a researcher out of Seattle Washington. In 2011 she ran the SSN Barack Obama used on his 2010 tax return through the government run E-Verify system and discovered that the SSN had been flagged with a Special Indicator Code for fraud. It was not Obama's SSN. Since then she has continued to work to expose Obama's use of forged identity documents. Fake ID he used to get on the ballot and in to the White House. She is the owner of We The People T.V. at