Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kevin Jackson: Dems Worried About Skinny 
Kenyan Obama Going To Jail; Day Of Reckoning!?

Broadcaster and political commentator Kevin Jackson uses one of the most taboo words related to Obama...

Kevin Jackson: Dems worried about Obama going to jail

The Democrats know that Obama has pushed his weight around about as much as any skinny Kenyan can, and soon his day of reckoning may come.

Many are worried that Obama’s posturing will land him behind the rock, and them behind the hard place.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) sent an email to Obama supporters, and the email suggested that unless liberals show that they are “still standing with President Obama,” he could end up where he should have been for at least two years: in prison.

The email (shown below) has the subject line, “Impeachment? Prison??? — Sign now, stand with President Obama.”


The Democrat’s official campaign arm for Congress claims that the Republicans are attempting “to destroy the President.” From this vantage point, I’d say Obama is attempting to destroy himself, and unfortunately for the Democrats, he’s scuttling the ship, wrecking the car, plunging the plane…pick your metaphor.
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I'm on the same DCCC email list and it is quite entertaining, to say the least... if you don't mind receiving countless emails, begging for money, and, with lines like; Do you have a Tea Party relative who loves to bash President Obama? Then you have to see this Thanksgiving cheat sheet. [...]

Cheat sheet? Too, funny. They sure know about that...

Another entertaining email list is They send out pretty much the same amount of junk email they just make it easier for the mindless to follow;

I can't imagine why anyone would want to wear anything in public publicizing any affiliation with the lawless ones. That said, they're right about one thing, something Big is coming... you can take that to the Bank...