Sunday, November 23, 2014

Free Viewing: HD Video Presentation Of Sheriff Joe 
Arpaio Obama ID Fraud Investigation Findings
Birther Report

HD VIDEO PRESENTATION: Recorded June 1st, 2013

Kevin Powell is an award winning veteran news journalist and former CNN producer/editor and has teamed up with to make this event available to the public as well as document in HD for historical preservation due to its historical significance. Additionally of historical significance, is the irony that as a former CNN journalist, Kevin used a laptop and Google to simultaneously broadcast this event worldwide on the anniversary of CNN’s inaugural broadcast on June 1st, 1980. For a global news network to conspire with the rest of the main stream media to impose a total blackout against indisputable evidence of fraud enabling a usurper to occupy the White House is a travesty to the nation. Kevin is dedicated to the adherence of the Code of Ethics for the Society of Professional Journalists and his previous reports as Pixel Patriot can be found here. New developments to the official law enforcement investigation by Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse can be found here.

Sheriff Joe's Second Press Conference, July 17, 2012:

Sheriff Joe's First Press Conference, March 1, 2012: