Sunday, November 23, 2014

Explain This: White House Claims They Ordered Short-Form 
Birth Certificate In 2008; Short-Form Is Date Stamped 2007
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- Obama Using Two Forged Birth Certificates -

The Obama lies keep mounting. I just received a phone call from Pixel Patriot to head over to the White House website and check out the post on Obama's purported long-form birth certificate. After reading the post I was astounded to see what I saw. If you recall, one of the first Obama short-form COLB's posted online was the crease-less, seal-less, redacted COLB that is posted at Obama's FightTheSmears website.

Instead of the White House posting that COLB, or even the short-form with creases and a seal like at Factcheck, Pixel Patriot pointed out to me that they posted a new version of the original COLB in a monochromatic format. That is significant because you can no longer see the patterned background or the date stamp. That new version is a PDF document created from a JPEG image with a date stamp of April 25, 2011 originating from a Snopes message board.

The White House website is attempting to validate a presidential record originally introduced in 2008 to the public by referencing what appears to be a printout from a message board from two days prior. Robert Gibbs is on record admitting that he posted Obama's COLB on the Internet. Why would the White House now choose to source an image of an image which no Hawaii official could legally endorse as being issued from them?

It must be noted that there is no certificate number under the blacked out section of the COLB, now posted at the White House website or the one posted at FightTheSmears website.

Now here is where the big lie begins. If you read the first sentence of the post at the White House you will see that someone is flat out lying as to when the purported short-form COLB was ordered/issued from/by the Hawaii Department of Health.

The first part of the paragraph from the White House website reads:

"In 2008, in response to media inquiries, the President’s campaign requested his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii. The state sent the campaign the President’s birth certificate, the same legal documentation provided to all Hawaiians as proof of birth in state, and the campaign immediately posted it on the internet." -Source.

This date stamp issue was raised before in the past but Factcheck claimed this:

"We asked the Obama campaign about the date stamp and the blacked-out certificate number. The certificate is stamped June 2007, because that’s when Hawaii officials produced it for the campaign, which requested that document and "all the records we could get our hands on" according to spokesperson Shauna Daly. The campaign didn’t release its copy until 2008,..." -Source.

Now that the White House admits they ordered the short-form in 2008 how could the short-form COLB be issued by the state of Hawaii in 2008 when the actual date stamp on the short-form COLB is date stamped June 6th, 2007?

Below are the pertinent screenshots, just in case they scrub-a-dub-dub, that show the White House and Factcheck are full of malarkey, as if we didn't know... Fact check that

Hat tip Pixel Patriot. Please view Pixel Patriot's latest essay and video to see the real issue that Obama is up against, here.

Check out the different Obama COLBs posted online by Obama's campaign. Also, if you missed it, meet the only 2 people to examine the COLB(s), and one of them wasn't Bill O'Reilly or Anderson Pooper;

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All should view the research compiled at this site;

Confirmed: Hawaii Department of Health is Aiding and Abetting Obama & Gangs Forged Certification of Live Birth, Got Final Nail in the Coffin!? -Details at Source.

Flashback from the Right Side of Life; - Meet the only 2 people to ever "examine" Obama's SHORT-FORM COLB's. -

The two employees who were granted access to Obama’s bogus Certification of Live Birth (COLB) are NOT document examiners or experts. Joe Miller has a Ph. D. in Political Philosophy — so he’s a political operative — while Jess Henig has an M.A. in English Literature — I’m not sure her dye-job is a political or esthetic statement.They are a couple of partisan Obots — just what you’d expect — Jess took the photos presented on their webpage and did all of the writing, while Bob basically held the COLB open for Jess to photograph — suitable work for a Ph. D.

Those two are completely unqualified to perform any kind of forensic examination of any document, and knows it — and so do Henig and Miller.

FactCheck does say their, “representatives got a chance to spend some time with the ‘birth certificate,’ and we can attest to the fact that it is real and three-dimensional and resides at the Obama headquarters in Chicago.” In my mind, that clearly shows they were working with and for the Obama Campaign and that Obama and his people are involved in this lie. -Continued here. -Main source. 

And this: - Blogger manipulates birth certificate image, undermining Obama claims - Jay McKinnon, a self-described Department of Homeland Security-trained document specialist, has implicated himself in the production of palpably fake Hawaii birth certificate images similar to the one endorsed as genuine by the Barack Obama campaign, and appearing on the same Daily Kos blog entry where the supposedly authentic document appears. -Much more here and here.

And this oldie; Hawaii Officials refuse to verify president's online COLBs images released by Obama's campaign and In response to a direct question from WND, the Hawaii Department of Health refused to authenticate either of the two versions of President Obama's short-form Certificate of Live Birth, or COLB, posted online – neither the image produced by the Obama campaign nor the images released by Janice Okubu, the public information officer for the Hawaii DOH, also had no explanation for why Dr. Fukino's initial press release last October and subsequent press release also avoided declaring the posted images to be of authentic documents., an organization funded by the same left-leaning Annenberg Foundation that also employed Barack Obama and former Weatherman radical bomber Bill Ayers, produced a short-form Obama COLB that was very different in appearance than the campaign released. -Source. And much more here.