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Cold Case Posse 
Initiator Reverses Course
George Miller | Constitutional Reset

Brian Reilly, who was a major factor in bringing Jerome Corsi to Phoenix and motivating Sheriff Joe Arpaio to found the Cold Case Posse investigating the Obama identity fraud, flipped last year and  is now working against the posse.

Brian now maintains that Arpaio is only doing this for publicity and money and that Hawaii's fraud in saying the birth certificate is OK, in spite of overwhelming evidence that the one on whitehouse.gov is forged, trumps the evidence.

This email thread may interest you .... [ BR: start at bottom of email thread ]

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Dr. Onaka’s verification letter on May 22nd, 2012 did undermine the investigation to some extent but if you look at the circumstances in their entirety, it did not and should not have shut down the investigation which proceeded on many fronts beyond what you are privy to.

In reality, the so-called verification letter is missing two fundamental elements such as the name of the parents and the date of birth.


Without these, everything is suspect.  Including your attempts to silence those wanting to know the TRUTH.  You should take every opportunity you have to try to persuade others to accept nothing less than full disclosure.  Just why is it you are expending so much time and energy demonizing Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo’s efforts?  Just what is the greater danger to the rule of law and the national security of the nation?  An honest evaluation undoubtedly demands full disclosure by the known liar waging war against the Constitution and the citizens of this Republic.

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie vowed to find Obama’s Birth Certificate but couldn’t produce it. Then, Gov. Abercrombie gave Dr. Onaka an award for modernizing the national vital statistics model law. Onaka also helped Hawaii implement EVVE as a Pilot state. The system can verify within 7 seconds whether a birth record is valid or fraudulent. Both AZ and Hawaii were early adopters of the EVVE System, yet Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett spent weeks exchanging emails with that same state registrar just so he could ask the question in the right way to get the “correct answer” while completely ignoring an official investigation by a sheriff that had declared it to be a forgery created by an act of fraud. The answer Sec. Bennett agreed to receive from Dr. Onaka did not include the date of birth, a critical component which was recommended to remain unchanged (p.59) in the national vital statistics model law because of the legal implications by the work group Dr. Onaka chaired for which he was given said award.

4. DATE OF BIRTH (Mo/Day/Yr)The Subgroup recommended that this item be retained, as it is important to establish the age of the person named on the birth certificate for such purposes as school entrance, obtaining a driver’s license, requesting a passport, or for Social Security benefits. The information is used in conjunction with the date of the last normal menses to calculate the length of gestation and is important in the study of survivorship of low birth weight and pre-term babies. This is a legal and statistical item.

I recommend you quit criticizing others fervently seeking to uphold the rule of law and be a part of the solution, otherwise you are part of the problem.

Source: http://pixelpatriot.blogspot.com/2012/09/breaking-evidence-emerges-fbi.html

Brian Reilly, speaking to "birthers" at Arpaio press conference 
in Sun city, AZ, in better days. (photo by George Miller)

On Tuesday, August 19, 2014 11:27 AM, Brian Reilly  wrote:

Thank you for your reply.

From what I observed and experienced, Sheriff Arpaio should be working on Madison Avenue in advertising.  He is a publicity generating genius who is only on the side of Joe Arpaio. He is a politician who knows the buttons to push to motivate his base of supporters. He generates huge sums in donations from across the country with the promotion of his self anointed moniker of "America's Toughest Sheriff."

It is not my job or responsibility to convince you who Sheriff Arpaio is or what motivates his actions.  I will simply say that one only needs to sit back and wait.  When nothing comes of Sheriff Arpaio's so called investigation, that in itself should show the reality of his efforts.  I would speculate that once nothing happens, his next step to motivate his na├»ve base will be to blame his lack of results on another boogeyman that will raise more funds for Sheriff Arpaio.

As one who has donated funds to Arpaio's effort to "investigate " the Obama birth certificate, I can only say, I've seen what's happening behind the curtain and I'll never donate another cent.

Brian Reilly

On Aug 19, 2014, at 7:47 AM, Cort W. wrote:

It is really hard for me to accept they are that cynical and, as you are suggesting, not on our side.

That said, realistically, would full dislosure to the world of a complete set of utterly devastating and unquestionable findings end this null and void presidency?  I think Sheriff Arpaio already did the political calculus, and doesn't like the answer one bit.  Turning it into a money making operation becomes his way of treading water until enough public outrage shows up to finish the work.  Public outrage is the only thing that will do it, and we know how good the media is at tamping down public outrage.
It is easy to imagine the fights that would break out all throughout the media.

There is the other factor to consider:  The fraud in the white house has long had in place his crisis management team for handling full disclosure to the nation.  They're ready for the worst, and we can't even find our pants, let alone put them on.


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Hello Gary,

Thank you for your article about FOX and Bill O'Reilly.

Denise and I have not watched or listened to O'Reilly since he said on the air,  "I don't care what the [U.S.] Constitution says!" That was over 10 years ago.

That being said, three years have now passed since I came up with the idea for the investigation to investigate the authenticity of the long form birth certificate that was posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011.  At one point I was recruited by Mike Zullo to work on the inside as a Cold Case Posse member.  I did this for 10 weeks and resigned over two years ago. The "investigation," in my opinion had become a money making publicity stunt for Sheriff Arpaio.   With the recent revelations by former MCSO Chief Brian Sands, it was clear that the "investigation" by the all volunteer Cold Case Posse should have ended long ago.  The reality is, the Hawaii certified Verification of Birth sent to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett in May of 2012, pulled the rug out from under the "investigation" by the Cold Case Posse and Sheriff Arpaio.  The "investigation" was over as of May 22, 2012.  I would encourage you to question Sheriff Arpaio's motivation for the continuance of this project.

Brian & Denise Reilly

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