Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fox News: Democrat James Carville Says 
People Have Right To Say Obama Born In Kenya 

James Carville plays the Birther card during a heated debate with Bill O'Reilly about the distraction in Ferguson.

( Video via Fox News @ Mediaite. )

Excerpt via Mediaite: O’Reilly: African-American Protestors ‘Don’t Have The Right to Say Someone’s Guilty’

“Look, any American has the right to distort any fact that they want to,” Carville said. “You can say anything you want in this country. ”

“They don’t have the right to say someone’s guilty when they don’t know the facts!” O’Reilly shot back. “That’s defamantion!”

“Of course they do!” Carville said, throwing his hands in the air and reminding him that the presumption of innocence was only a legal right. “People have a right to comment on it…if people want to say Obama was born in Kenya, they have the right to do that.” [...] Full Video @ Mediaite.