Monday, May 12, 2014

Revealed: The Names Of The Purported 
Obama Birth Certificate Forgers Unsealed
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DC Reporter Randy Foreman today obtained a copy of Doug Vogt's sealed filing now at the US Supreme Court which includes the list of people Doug Vogt believes forged Obama's long-form birth certificate. The list includes, Johanna Ah'Nee, Kevin Davidson(Dr. Conspiracy), Loretta Fuddy, and Alvin Onaka... Miki Booth implicated...

A full copy of the affidavit will be provided here later tonight followed by a full report from Randy Foreman...



Dr. CONspiracy responds: I get tagged as the one who “did the research,” which is pretty silly of you think about it, since Dr. Onaka knows a thousand times more about Hawaiian birth certificate than I do, since he has them all at his fingertips. I know something about birth certificates, having worked in the field almost all of my professional career, but I don’t have specialized knowledge about certificates in Hawaii, and could provide no help to any putative forgers of one. [...] More here.


Miki Booth responds: doug vogt is a f***ing idiot!! He's gonna get his ass sued. My friend Johanna had nothing to do with this except to give her birth certificate to me to give to Dr. Corsi and Mike Zullo. vogt was jealous not being privy to the investigation and figured we were hiding something because we wouldn't share with him. [.] Source.


Doug Vogt responds: To Miki Booth, First of all you can’t sue me for what I have in the sealed affidavit. I am reporting a crime and reported it to the authorities listed in the two Misprision laws. You are exempt from libel and slander laws if you are reporting a crime to the authorities. I had to unseal the affidavit to the Supreme Court because the Judges would not consider the evidence presented within if it was sealed. A reporter is the one who made my affidavit public. I only wanted the Judges to read it. The affidavit just presents the evidence Paul and I discovered after we examined the two birth certificates you freely gave Jerome Corsi. Regarding Johanna, Dr. Corsi told me that he met her at his hotel in mid May 2011 in Honolulu where she freely handed over her COLB for him to have for his investigation. She also gave a photo copy to Orly Taitz when they met at the airport in 2011. The facts of what we found speak for themselves. I don’t have to go beyond her certificate number to show hers is a forgery. The 9 and 4 are overlapping just like I found the 8 and 2 on one of the COLBs you handed Corsi, not to mention the letter spacing and line spacing problems. You cannot walk away from what you wrote in your book. To refresh your memory, on Page 356 you write: “But nothing was more shocking and left me with such a feeling of disgust than the blatant, obnoxiously taunting “signature” of the forger—a “happy face” drawn into the “A” of Alvin T. Onaka’s signature.” At that time no one knew it was a script “E” under the “A”. For you to know it was a signature you had to know it was a letter “E” and the name and spelling of the forger. This was before I had figured it out. You book was very helpful. If you did sue me I would have a lot of fun in the discovery stage. You should listen to Dr. Conspiracy, he just told you the same thing I just told you. [.] More here and here.