Friday, May 23, 2014

Sheriff Arpaio's Obama Investigator: Honing In 
On Birth Certificate Forgers; NSA Doc Instructing 
How To Create Document Anomalies; Erase Metadata 

Mike Zullo: We are honing in on the people that forged Obama's birth certificate. We have the evidence that destroys the birth certificate. Sheriff Arpaio is holding back pressers for investigative reasons. It'll be worth the wait. Can't give a date but it is going to happen. Sheriff Arpaio made clear they are not done...

There is a NSA document that teaches agents how to create anomalies in documents and erase metadata...

Zullo also disputes Doug Vogt's speculative claims on who forged Obama's birth certificate...


Wanted Arapio - he couldn't be there due to TV conflicts.

Zullo {paraphrased}

Why March date elapsed - honing in on the forgers. Have the evidence to destroy the debate on the forged birth certificate.

Sheriff is not going to do anything until it's solid. Still perusing. Worth the wait.

ZeroX 666-7779 - really could never answer fundamental questions. Smokescreen. NSA document received by Zullo that shows how to erase metadata. O-Holes never sent affidavits.

Gallups - investigation opened into a criminal investigation due to the ZeroX 666-7779 machine. Goose that laid the golden egg. They will find out soon enough.

Zullo - absolutely it is going to happen. Don't be fool by people telling you they gave up.

Gallups - months rather than years - it's going to happen.

Zullo - I'm not getting any younger.

Gallups - mindblowing. Ok, Ok, now we understand when it comes out.

Zullo - Vogt legal maneuver. Seal document, then unsealed. Court has dismissed, thankful it was dismissed. Doesn't rise to the level of a criminal investigation. Do not agree with Vogt's assessment on who created the document. Took a shot, more power to him, but it's not reflective on . . . .

Gallups - no one has a clue as to what they have. (note by me; people speculate because you keep telling people it's mind blowing and that's what internet posters do - me included).

End of segment.
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