Monday, April 21, 2014

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Pressing for classified info 
to back extraordinary claims
Dr. Jerome Corsi | WND

This is the second of three articles examining the criminal defense planned by British barrister Michael Shrimpton on national security charges in a London jury trial scheduled to begin Nov. 10.

LONDON – Several British military intelligence sources with a long track record say they are prepared to testify in the trial of a barrister charged with allegedly making false claims to British government officials that a terrorist nuclear attack was under way during the 2012 Olympics in London.

As WND reported, Michael Shrimpton, who faces a Nov. 10 trial, also appears in a 2008 video that began re-circulating earlier this year on the Internet in which he claims to have been privy to shocking intelligence information on Obama’s origins. Shrimpton contends to this day that the CIA collected DNA from then-Sen. Obama and a grandparent, establishing that Stanley Ann Dunham was not Obama’s biological mother. He intends to subpoena from the CIA and British intelligence any records either agency may have on Obama’s DNA.

After a March 17 hearing in the London case, WND met in the U.K. with British intelligence experts who were asked to evaluate Shrimpton and his defense.

Evaluating the case

Christopher Monckton, a former aide to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and a WND columnist, said he believes Shrimpton was acting in good faith when he made the terror-threat report to the British government.

“My best guess is that the government will eventually see the sense in dropping the criminal prosecution against Shrimpton, since it is quite clear from my own earlier discussions with Shrimpton about this episode that he genuinely believed that terrorists had obtained a redundant German submarine and were planning to sail it up the Thames and blow up the Olympics with a nuclear weapon,” Monckton said in an interview with WND in London.

“It was entirely clear from my discussions with Michael that he was trying to do the right thing, and the authorities do not, in the end, want to deter people from making reports that might prevent mass murder on a horrific scale,” Monckton said.

After reviewing court filings Shrimpton had prepared in his defense, Monckton concluded Shrimpton has legitimate contacts in the military intelligence community. Monckton considers it possible that at trial Shrimpton could subpoena classified documents and expert testimony that would support his various claims.

“However, it is also possible that the government may be stupid enough to try to proceed with the case,” he cautioned.

Particularly problematic for the prosecution, according to Monckton, could be Shrimpton’s charges that the CIA conducted DNA tests on Barack Obama in 2008 that Shrimpton alleges prove Ann Dunham was not Obama’s natural mother.

“If Shrimpton were to be shown a CIA document indicating that a DNA test had been done on Mr. Obama, there would be some stringent conditions of confidentiality,” Monckton said.

“Shrimpton would probably not be allowed to have a copy of the document, but would be required to read it in the presence of an agent.”

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