Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Audio: Document Expert Updates Obama ID 
Fraud Related Case At US Supreme Court\

Doug Vogt: Supreme Court filing and I will be on the Kevin Gallagher Radio show Tuesday 4/29 at 7:15 p.m. EDT.  You can call in 347-215-6580.

I have gotten done with the new web page on my filings to the Supreme Court regarding the compelling evidence proving Barack Obama’s Birth certificate is a forgery. The case is to establish three things:

  • Can a U.S. Citizen report crime(s) directly to a Federal Grand Jury.
  • Can a Federal Judge be forced to present compelling evidence to a Federal Grand Jury if it is in the public interest.
  • The Court must define what is meant by “public interest”

If the court hears my case the result will be that the Court will force the Seattle Judge to present my evidence to the Seattle Grand Jury. That will be the beginning of the end of the Obama administration. I am told it will be the equivalent of a 10 Richter earthquake in Washington DC . Let’s hope so.

On that page are 4 suggested letters you can download and write to the justices asking them to please hear my case. As you may already know the White House has hired a famous Criminal defense attorney as White House Council two days after the Supreme Court had a conference to consider two of my motions.


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[ interview starts about 15 minute mark ]

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