Monday, February 17, 2014

Update: New Server Acquired
Via Helen Tansey

Birther Report launched its fundraising drive a week ago to raise needed funds to purchase a secure server and then navigate all materials and design from the free 'Blogger' platform to an independently owned site.

It is my pleasure to let you know that a mere week into our fundraising efforts Birther Report raised enough funds to purchase a Dell PowerEdge server with a three-year warranty. I'm told it can more than handle the job. One of BR's supporters is an awesome negotiator who was successful in structuring a solid deal resulting in substantial savings.

Now that a secured server has been acquired we're in the home stretch of raising the necessary funds to complete the migration process. This process includes hiring a trusted programmer who will manage the migration from Blogger to the new server.

More than 75 donors have stepped up with some setting up their donations as recurring funds. These recurring funds will greatly help offset the monthly server hosting expenses - THANK YOU. We need more donors to help complete this final half of the transition, of course, the 75 who have already donated are more than welcomed to kick in more. Please if you are considering making a donation, but wanted to wait to see how the fundraising drive was going to shake out, now is the time to visit the PayPal page and make your donation count.

Help Birther Report secure a new home where he can continue to do the work we've all come to expect and respect on all issues related to the trampling of Article II.

It's time to shake some change loose, folks, and join the 75+ other donors today who have stepped up and put their money where their priorities are. Are you going to join this committed group of supporters? We certainly hope so - to make it easy for you here's the donate link -

With warmest regards,

P.S. Totally unrelated but thought some here might find this new study interesting - "Why do trolls annoy you online? Because They're sadists." Yep, you read that right - sadists. Enjoy -