Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BR-ORYR Update: Birther Report 
Blog Was Taken Down Saturday; What Next?

From the desk of Helen Tansey, Article II Super PAC, February 12, 2014

DISCLAIMER: Many owners of blogs start them for altruistic purposes while others work to raise funds to cover their overhead. Birther Report is in the former group. The blog was simply started to inform citizens about the extent to which many in DC are throttling the Constitution's Article II Presidential qualifications by putting a non-natural born citizen into the White House. However, following the October, 2013 hack, and more recently, the February 8 attack Birther Report finds itself in the uncomfortable position of asking his readers and supporters for a financial contribution to move the site, which is currently housed on the free Blogger platform to an independent secure server. It is difficult for a blog owner who never weighed into blogging to make money from his readers to now be in the position of having to ask for donations. It is not, however, difficult for me to ask you to consider making a donation. Therefore, I'm asking.

UPDATE: On Saturday February 8, 2014 Birther Report blog was taken down by its host, Blogger. There was no warning given by Blogger to Birther Report prior to the complete take down. Saturday evening Birther Report was notified by their ad company that one of their ads was hacked into, whereby the hacker executed a fierce malware attack. Included in the notification the advertising company explained they had cleaned off the malware by 3:45 pm EST on Saturday, yet it took Blogger a full 24 hours to restore the site.

It is difficult to imagine the mental torture such an action takes on an individual who is simply exercising their rightful First Amendment rights. Talking with BR over those 24 hours was hard only because he was flying blind. Lacking control, any kind of control, over protecting his hard work from vanishing in a millisecond is, well, humbling, which is precisely the reason why a fundraising letter (see letter below) was sent out on the Friday before the attack.

The only 'real' explanation BR had received to date from anybody was the email from the advertising firm. Their message stated "This message is regarding the recent malware notifications that some of our publishers may have experienced. Just before noon today, our engineers discovered that one of our ad serving locations had been hacked."

Like I said, prior to this recent attack, BR was already taking the necessary steps to raise needed funds to migrate Birther Report blog to an independent server. Following this second incident, it is clear now more than ever all work over the last four years is vulnerable not to mention all future posts. Therefore, BR is ramping up his efforts and needs your help.

Birther Report is the 'go to' site for any following Article II news, updates on investigations and lawsuits regarding the 0's bogus Birth Certificate, his questionable Social Security information and so much more. Before the site was abruptly taken down on Saturday, more than 40,000 pages were viewed by 9:00 am PST. That's on a Saturday! Obviously there are thousands upon thousands following BR's relentless work to expose the very real crimes occurring before our eyes.

Now more than ever we need to step up our 'collective' efforts to raise the needed funds to secure the Birther Report site long into the future. BR has never once come to any of us asking for a donation of any kind. This is a first and trust me, BR remains uncomfortable with the ask, and like I said I'm not.

Please join me in making sure 'WE' keep Birther Report free for all to be educated. Please consider making a donation to Birther Report to migrate his blog to a privately owned independent server today by clicking here.

I humbly thank you in advance for your sincere consideration.

With warmest regards,


Previous Letter

From the desk of Helen Tansey, Article II Super PAC, February 7, 2014

It's certainly been awhile since I last wrote a note to you, but trust Article II Super PAC remains in place and is beginning to organize our resources in preparation for the 2016 elections. In the meantime those involved with Article II Super PAC have continued to do our work at our respective blogs to further expose the truth about the individual currently holding court in the White House, and it is about one of these team members I am reaching out to tell you a bit about today.

Over the past three years, I've had the privilege of working closely with the individual who owns the Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records blog, and out of an abundance of caution for her/him and her/his family's safety, since she/he has received numerous threats of violence, I am choosing to only refer to the owner as BR for purposes of this communication.

A couple of months ago, BR was brutally hacked into. On the same day, BR lost its crucial revenue stream due to a malicious obot filing a complaint with Google, who, in turn, immediately froze its AdSense placements on the basis that BR/ORYR was targeting a single individual - Obama. They didn't seem to have a problem with BR focusing on him for four years prior to the complaint, but they do now.

The revenue generated from the ad placements went toward building site content, to cover associated subscription costs and other related expenses necessary to manage and populate the site with the most current material available. I don't know about you, but I visit the BR site daily to learn the latest in Article II news.

When hacked, the original BR site was completely scrambled into a bunch of gobbledygook. Thank goodness BR realized what was happening in "real time" and did everything necessary to restore the site and secure four years of valuable content. As well, once the old site was rendered corrupt beyond repair, BR immediately uploaded a new site template with a new format. Readers assumed BR went to a new format when in fact what you see today is a temporary patch until BR could figure out what her/his next steps were to be. Fortunately, the readers didn't miss a beat and were none the wiser, that is, until now.

Prior to the hack, BR was already researching other means to reduce its vulnerability, but after the hack, BR began to immediately take the necessary steps to permanently secure its 3,000+ archival material plus started the tedious process of migrating the hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors that read Birther Report. Now that everything is secured, BR is taking the final steps by finishing the move from the site's current host, Blogger, to a wholly owned secure server.

Few could have foreseen in 2009, let alone now, the deterioration we're all witnessing to our civil and constitutional rights not to mention the financial costs associated with protecting them. And for the first time in nearly five years of reporting on Obama's usurpation of the White House, BR is reaching out to supporters asking for a donation to help complete the migration process to a privately owned server.

BR is working to raise the necessary funds to accomplish two goals - 1. To purchase its own web server(not leased) that will more than handle the site's high traffic load; and 2. Complete the conversion/migration process in order to securely archive the thousands of articles documenting Article II eligibility and Obama's identity document fraud. Of course, the site will remain free to the public, as well as all archival material, well into the future.

Because BR isn't going anywhere. She/he is committed over the long haul working to break through the media blockade to expose elected officials nefarious (or treasonous) acts to deliberately water down Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 - Presidential qualifications.

I'm writing to ask you to join me in supporting Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records by making a contribution toward these efforts. We need to continue to arm the public with the facts about Article II and the extraordinary costs to our national security.

As I stated previously, BR has remained resolute in its mission and now, for the first time, is asking its supporters to kick in some dough so as to insure its long-term viability by moving the site to a secure/independent server.

As a community of constitutionalists it is incumbent amongst all of us from time to time to do everything we can to help those doing this necessary work when asked.

Please consider making a donation to Birther Report today by clicking here.

Thank you for your time and your sincere consideration.

With warmest regards,