Thursday, January 9, 2014

Arpaio Team to Release Investigation Info in March!
By Mike Shoesmith | PPSIMMONS

On this morning's WEBY Radio program with Mike Mashburn Carl Gallups sat in as he usually does each Thursday morning as a special guest. During the show Gallups dropped some very interesting information into the laps of the local Pensacola, Fl audience which has national and international implication.

Gallups, who has his own weekly mega-popular radio show "Freedom Friday" every Friday from 4 - 6 Central Time in the Pensacola area and streaming online to listeners around the world, has been closely tied to the Arpaio investigation via his friendship with lead investigator Mike Zullo with whom Carl Gallups has been traveling and getting the word out about this criminal investigation involving the fraudulent usurpation of the nation's highest office.

Today, Gallups revealed that the long-awaited details of this investigation will be made public in March of this year, a mere two months from now.

Mike Zullo has personally described the coming release as "universe shattering." [...] - PPSIMMONS.

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( Audio via WEBY. )