Saturday, December 7, 2013

CCP Researcher Unloads:
Multiple Counts Of Document Fraud
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Cold Case Posse volunteer researcher and internet radio host Mark Gillar called in to the WOBC radio show and reported the following:

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Gillar said he is in contact with the Cold Case Posse almost daily and never has there been so much enthusiasm and confidence as there is right now regarding the Obama document fraud investigation. He said there's extreme reason for hope right now and that it's not just about the birth certificate it's about multiple counts of document fraud.

Gillar also confirmed that when Obama was purportedly born on August 4, 1961, health departments were still using the 1960 vital statistics coding manual which clearly would have required the term "negro" to be used as the race of Barack Obama Sr., not African. Gillar next pointed out that if someone listed their race as black or Afro-American, or colored, they were to be reported as negro according to the manual. Gillar added that many agencies are lying for Obama and there are going to be a lot of people going to jail over this.

For years, the Sycophant Obots demanded "Birthers" show any other Hawaiian birth certificate listing negro as the race of a parent. (See Document Below). Perhaps now Obots might be willing to show us a 1961 LFBC other than Barack Obama's on which a black parent is listed by the HDOH as anything other than negro? Obots have for some time quoted a current Hawaiian official as saying that parents are allowed to self-report their race and that it is reasonable that Barack Obama Sr. would have represented himself that way (African). Gillar begs to differ, suggesting that the 1960 Vital Statistics and Coding Manual trumps the opinion of a current employee of the HDOH who in all likelihood has never even read the manual in place on the day Obama was purportedly born or reviewed other birth certificates from that time period.


The 1961 edition of the Vital Statistics Coding Manual, often quoted by Obots, was published 6 days after Obama's birth certificate was accepted by the local registrar and therefore is not applicable to this discussion. See boxes 20 and 22 of Obama's purported LFBC below.

It should also be pointed out that for the longest time, one particular Obot claimed that no 1961 coding manual even existed. Though now a moot issue, it's amazing how Obots never acknowledge their mistakes. They just move on to the next issue as if nothing ever happened.


This shows what happened back in 1961 when the black parent 
of a child self-reported themselves as anything other than negro.
Note the correction by the Hawaii Department of Health clerk.

As first reported by Mike Zullo at the CSPOA Convention in Missouri ...


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