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Analysis of Hawaii Department of Health 
Loretta Fuddy’s Financial Disclosure Forms
- By Pixel Patriot @ Birther Report -

[12/12/2013]-[ BR/ORYR Note to MSN readers: "Pixel Patriot" is former CNN producer Kevin Powell.  ] 

Because the fraudulent Long Form Birth Certificate for Barack Obama that was placed on the White House server on April 27th, 2011 was an Adobe pdf file and was never flattened so that all the layers were visible when opened in Adobe Illustrator, I decided to open these Financial Disclosure pdf's by DOH Dir. Loretta Fuddy in Adobe Illustrator also. This research is not intended to distract from Obama’s forged documents, however it is manifestly important to bring to light fraud when discovered from a state agency endemic of such, and known to be complicit in the ongoing national security crisis allowing Obama to unlawfully usurp the office of the Presidency.

[ All pertinent screenshots embedded below in the Scribd document ]

Screen 1) State of Hawaii Deputy Director for the Dept. of Health Loretta Fuddy's signature is blocked on the form for Disclosure of Financial Interests with the Hawaii State Ethics Commission. Signed January 17, 2011 and stamped received on January 19, 2011.

Screen 2) Fuddy now serving as Director fills out the same form again on February 29, 2012 and was received on March 5th, 2012. The signature was again blocked however comparing the two signatures, the letter “y” looks completely different between the two signatures.

Screen 3) Surprisingly, the pdf's when opened in Adobe Illustrator have a clipping path and the "Blocked Signature" image is missing revealing the full signature of Director Fuddy. Compare this full signature now to the signature from 2011 partially blocked on Screen 1 and it appears that the handwriting from these two signatures are significantly different.

Screen 4) The stamp on page 1 of the Gifts Disclosure Statement shown at 200% is inverted both vertically and horizontally with respect to the document. And because the orientation is not the same as the text on the document itself, this would indicate the possibility it was inserted and composited as a separate image element from the original document.

Screen 5) The stamp is shown at 300% for a closer view.

Screen 6) The signature on page 2 of the Gifts Disclosure Statement opened in Adobe Acrobat is blocked.

Screen 7) The Gifts Disclosure Statement opened in Adobe Illustrator also has a clipping Path and the signature on page 2 is revealed.

Screen 8) Fuddy's signature on the "Additional Sheet" for the Gifts Disclosure form was not blocked.

Screen 9) Maybe the reason it was blocked on the original form and not the addendum is because, they don't appear to be signed by the same person.

Handwriting Analyst:

“w/o more of an exemplar it is hard to be definitive..however, the cursive on p. 1 and 2 don't appear to be written by the same person due to different key identifiers in stroke and shape..same between the sample on p. 6 and 9...even their position on the page is slung left and the other more central, which is an individual preference indicator as use of space and placement, shape and size and pressure (depth), slant and spacing are all indicators...we all can vary quite a lot from day to day and if stressed, tired, rushed, etc. However, there are certain identifiers which remain fairly constant and in all writing there are distinctive strokes which 'out' an individual on the subconscious level...I would hazard a guess that the writing is not from the same person.”

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