Monday, August 27, 2012

Donald Trump to RNC: No More Birther Apologies; 
Watch What's Coming; Fight Fire With Fire

Donald Trump via Twitter: .@BarackObama is petrified of the birther issue so they go on the offensive to try & make the Republicans feel guilty & stupid. Watch what's coming!

Donald Trump via Twitter: While @MittRomney only made a joke last Friday, he touched on an issue that is very serious to millions of Americans.

Donald Trump via Twitter: .@Reince Priebus is doing a great job--fantastic guy. But no more birther apologies.

Donald Trump via Twitter: One point I made last night and will continue to push is that the @GOP can't be politically correct. We must fight fire with fire.

Donald Trump via Twitter: Why do the Republicans keep apologizing on the so called "birther" issue? No more apologies--take the offensive!

FLASHBACK: Obama is the Original Birther! Obama in 1991 stated in his own bio he was born in Kenya. DETAILS HERE.





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  1. Look for Trump to use the Republican convention to launch his presidential bid.I believe he is working for the one.

  2. Game on, bye bye Obama aka Bounel Grifter n Chief! Don't let the cell door hit you in the ...

  3. Trump is a fraud. He cancelled his speech at the convention. He could have did it on tuesday or wednesday but he chose not to. He is a fraud just like the entire republican party.

  4. He wants Romney to lose.

  5. Trump is a Capitalist (successful) pig -- I mean that as a compliment. Obama is a Marxist Communist. Obama is EVERYTHING that the Donald despises -- and vice - a - versa. Trump wants to "put the devil back down in the hole" (as Tom Waits might sing ).

  6. @Anonymous

    "He cancelled his speech at the convention."

    You're an idiot! Trump did not cancel anything. The RNC canceled the start of the convention due to the storm in the Gulf.

    Trump was on Niel Cavuto's show on Fox News today and stated they were working in his "surprise announcement" at the RNC sometime later this week.

  7. its long past time Obama was exposed for the lying fraud he is. who cares what the left wing commie scum think. Obama needs to come up with the proper paper work thats all legit and can pass forensic exam. we are sick of him and his phoney story his phoney documents and his phoney racism whine. we no longer care what you call us put up or get the fuck out commie Obots. its time the cell door slams shut on Obama and his wife. we are going to get the facts or he can kiss running for any thing goodby unless its inmate punk boy peter puffer of the month.

  8. 4:01 PM
    You got it! The apparent Obots here don't appear to be able to distinguish between being a capitalist relishing keeping his/her profits and being a Communist. I doubt if Trump wants to work FOR the Chinese or the Russians or having his women wrapped in burkas!

  9. Good grief, anon at 3:18, do you really believe the dribble you posted? Seriously?

    What chance in bloody hell would the Donald have in winning any election? Anywhere? EVER!!!

    All he is doing is baiting red meat to throw out to the indy/conservative side of the aisle stoking their hopes for some shining horse to come in rescue the dolts from themselves.

    The R's blew it. They don't know it yet but Romney is nothing more than pillow filler. He is not going to win. He just lost 10 to 12% of the base by sticking his middle finger up by disenfranchising the Paul activists. This is what Obama did to the Hillary supporters back in 2008. No difference b/w these two charlatans. NONE.

    How does one secure the vote of 10 to 12% just lost...they go hunting...tag, birthers are it. If we/us are dumb enough to fall for their dangling carrot then shame on all of us.

    If and it's a big IF, constitutionalists/birthers fall for the trap then guess what - every American loses accept the new Socialist/Commie DNC b/c they just won! Thank you very much Sir Romney!!!

    No. Trump is not running nor is he dumb enough to do so!

    The R's foolishly chose their rescuer based on the crappola his surrogates spun about Paul not being able to win. HELLO, a contest b/w a guy who has a lifelong record defending the Constitution v a guy that is doing every friggin thing in the world to bury it? Who the hell do you think the voters would vote for?

    Paul posed a threat and rather than taking a step back to get a feel for the lay of the land you ever so smart conservatives support the very guy who has NO RECORD WHATSOEVER demonstrating his support of the Constitution. NONE!

    Btw who the hell owns Clear Channel? It ain't O. But all of those radio provocateurs make their millions persuading you to buy into their crappola, and you do.

    Whatever happened to thinking for yourselves? I guess that's too passe.

    It boggles the mind that a guy who has a solid 25 year voting record on the very principles conservative R's demanded of their candidate has been sidelined w/nary a whisper from the base. Again, what the hell has Romney ever, ever, ever voted on that supported the principles of our FF's? The answer is simple - Nada. Zero. Zilch. Not a thing!

    Shame on all of you!

    Thanks a lot you really smart conservatives; you've just proven you're as dumb as the idiots who voted for Obama in 2008...

    Hope you sleep well tonight b/c the 2016 film just became your/our reality.

  10. I think we should support him. Found this phone and address contact info on web. Not sure about email address.

    Donald Trump

    Trump Organization

    725 Fifth Avenue

    New York, NY 10022

    Phone: 212-832-2000

  11. Sorry, but I don't think we accomplish anything good by bashing Trump.

    I think Trump is still pissed because Valerie Jarrett, (most likely), timed the media announcement of Osama's death, (even though he died years earlier), to interrupt Trump's last show of "The Apprentice" half way through it's final episode of the season...the big one. The interruption lasted 30 minutes, wiping all of the final half of Trump's big season ending show out. Just a coincidence, or a poke in the eye of Trump?

  12. the RNC are in on this Charade. Trump is right. No reason to apologize for anything. We have the "Biggest Crime In The History of the World" going on in pure sight. The "Constitution,is the Sacred Law of the Land" and must be held up. Whatever it takes,round up every Anti-American and ship them out of here. There are many holding public office that need made examples out of. Looking forward to it.

  13. Anonymous @ 4:21 PM. So what are you going to do besides whine on the internet. We Commies know you guys are helpless to do anything but whine. We won't take that away from you. Whine away while we laugh.

  14. thanks for somebody strong like The Donald to speak out on the commie fraud. The repub wooses are sickening. A doubleheader with Trump and Sheriff Joe! Trump is so right when he says the commies are trembling in their turbans !!

  15. @Anonymous



  16. But if Trump's "facts" are again not right (perfectly worded) it could all backfire.

    He needs to have a "fact-finding" session with Arpaio/Zullo, Corsi, and ORLY to make sure he is 100% correct.

    The liberal news will jump on any inconsistency to discredit him and again give "birthers" a bad name.

  17. Orly and Corsi framed as "fact finders" now that's funny as chit. Zullo and Arpaio, yeah, but the other two who have taken the peoples money to travel the US and the world over the last four years resulting in nothing more than what others reported and factually substantiated is a joke.

    Specifically, what has Orly or Corsi ever reported that they did the work to unearth?

    Looking forward to your response. I wish to be enlightened...

  18. So shitting all over Donald Trump is helping the cause how? Unless those of you who find it necessary to continuously piss and moan about what you think Trump's motivations are have something better to hang your hats on, why don't you try shutting your pie-holes until we see what he's up to. Despite what you might believe, your constant bitching isn't going to result in a solution to this grave situation.

  19. @Anonymous

    Except Corsi assisted Arpaio and Zullo.

  20. Obama is a fraud and good for Donald for trying to expose it.

  21. wheresobamasbirthcertificate.comAugust 27, 2012 at 7:38 PM

    I don't care what people think of Trump, when he speaks people listen.

  22. Donald Trump reminds me of Eric Cartman:

    He never lets a score go unsettled!

  23. Trump talks like a French general after the Germans marched into Paris. Hes a self promoting blowhard
    Who has nothing new to offer or refuses to do what he knows needs to be done while trying to please everyone. If you cant or wont step up shut the eff up Trump

  24. Trump spokesman Michael Cohen: "The big surprise is still going to happen, so stay tuned"!

    Read more:

  25. @Anonymous

    Look for Trump to use the Republican convention to launch his presidential bid.I believe he is working for The One.

    Fixed it for ya.

  26. Anybody have any ideas what Trump may have? I suspect the investigator who was in Indonesia claiming that he had in hand a document proving Obama's an Indonesian citizen is back in the States now with that proof. Donald Trump started talking about his surprise around the same time that story broke.

  27. California Birther/Dualer/DoubterAugust 27, 2012 at 9:34 PM

    Good on Trump to join us in kicking Barry right in the gonads for having the audacity to hijack the White House.

  28. > a document proving Obama's an Indonesian citizen

    Still clinging on to that smoke screen?

    Even if "Obama" was provably an Indonesian citizen by Indonesian law as a child, he still wouldn't have lost his US citizenship by US law.

    So unless we're talking about proof he became an Indonesian citizen as an adult and recounced his US citizenship, this is getting us nowhere.

  29. maybe they got their hands on passport records in indonesia. if shabazz was using an indonesian passports in his twenties, that woul mean he was accepting his indonesian citizenship.


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