Monday, February 27, 2012

An Open Letter to Orly Taitz, re: Defamatory Statements
By Captain Pamela Barnett and George Miller @ Obama Ballot Challenge 2012

Ms. Taitz:

As we previously stated, you have made multiple defamatory statements about Larry Klayman and some supporters, including us, causing severe harm. We supported you for years, because you were about the only game in town, after Apuzzo and Donofrio concluded that the federal courts would not hear any argument, no matter how logical, how grounded in fact and law.

Now, there are many ballot challenges granted instant “standing” and new attorneys are joining the fight. Obama State Ballot Challenge has helped to focus attention on the challenges and facilitate activity. We do not appreciate your non-productive infighting with other patriots in the movement. In fact, you are actively and maliciously attempting to hurt our efforts, in a manner nearly indistinguishable from that of the “Obama” forces. We know that they are enjoying sitting back and watching you do their work for them.

We had stayed quiet and counseled others not to get involved in the fray with you. George tried speaking to you twice earlier and again on 2/23/12, but, you would not even allow him to complete a sentence without interrupting. But, you have crossed into libelous action, so it has come to this and now we must reluctantly speak out. It’s bad enough that you routinely attack movement patriots, but now you are damaging the efforts of one of the finest attorneys in the nation. And that is unacceptable. Unlike others you have bulldozed, we will not be so passive, especially since you have ignored letters from our attorney.

You have little or no idea what you are even talking about, flinging around allegations, slyly implying misconduct and did not make a competent, good faith effort to ascertain the truth. In any case, it is none of your business how we conduct our campaigns, since we are complying with all laws and answer any legitimate questions to donors and patriot allies. We are writing this only to document your offenses and inform the public of what is really going on.

It is obvious that you feel threatened, are jealous of any other activity in the eligibility movement, are fearful of any “competition” and believe that a dollar contributed anywhere else but to you is a dollar stolen from you.

We specifically reference some of your inflammatory, defamatory, misleading and fallacious blog postings. It is quite clear that you have an “agenda” to discredit Mr. Klayman and us. Our response to the postings is below and we have also marked up some of them in Appendix A:

- It seems as though we committed the unforgivable sin of helping to raise money for the Hatfield/Swensson Atlanta challenge and publicity/education activities. After that, you, who we were on excellent terms with, became an even worse enemy than “Obama.” More recently, we started fundraising for Larry Klayman’s planned work. The attacks only increased.

- All of your absurd “concerns” and inaccurate statements could have been avoided, simply by calling and asking before recklessly writing in your blog. Your failure to exercise due diligence prior to posting falsehoods, incomplete and one- sided information, has resulted in creating a highly misleading impression that we are dishonest, possibly taking money and failing to use it as advertised—all untrue. You also dredged up and presented only negative statements about Larry Klayman, including various defamatory statements which hold him in a false light. For instance, Klayman’s PA law license expired. He has not done any work there in two decades. He was not subjected to any disciplinary actions there. He has not been convicted of any crime and can enter cases in California pro hac vice, as you know.

- Article II PAC is not involved in collecting money for legal defense. Pamela Barnett and George Miller are no longer with Article II SuperPAC or Article II Legal Defense Fund, but we maintain a strategic alliance, since we have closely aligned goals, but different approaches and activities.

- Pamela Barnett, George Miller and Sam Sewell have never taken a penny from Article II PAC, Article II Legal Fund, or any other similar fundraising efforts. We have only paid in. I’m not aware that others you have named have taken any money either, except for a few who had legitimate expense reimbursements for travel, living and assigned activities, you know, like you take. I am informed by the Treasurer that none of that came out of the legal fund.

- has not collected any money at all, although we have heavily promoted multiple such campaigns for others, such as Kerchner, Swensson/Hatfield, Klayman, Arpaio, you, etc.

- Klayman has never been associated with the Article II SuperPAC, but we were/are still using the Article II Legal Defense Fund to raise money for his ballot challenge efforts.

- Article II Legal Defense Fund will be sending funds to Klayman.

- RE: Taitz statement: The question is: who is lying? Was Klayman paid or not? If he was paid, than he needs to refund the donors, as he did not file law suits as he was supposed to.

No one is lying except you- or at least badly misleading unsuspecting readers of your blog. Klayman received only partial payment of his $25K retainer, but only after he had already started work on his own initiative, without the promised retainer. He should be praised, not vilified.

- We have raised funds from other sources. We have not yet received any funds from Article II Legal Defense fund.

- The 96 hour deadline you spoke of was in our initial ads, which was in fact required to enable us to engage Klayman in sufficient time to file an initial complaint. We didn’t raise the full amount in time, but were successful in getting him to graciously start some work anyway, the same day that a citizen filed a complaint, who has subsequently worked with Larry to begin modifying it to incorporate improvements. Klayman is planning strategy, researching statutes and looking for appropriate jurisdictions to file additional complaints in.

- For you to make a leap of logic that we are somehow defrauding donors, because Klayman wasn’t able to research, write and file a complaint in the four or so hours he worked before a citizen complaint was filed on 2/16 without his input– is beyond ridiculous, but quite typical of your communications style and “logic.”

- That Klayman does not have a CA license is largely irrelevant and seems designed to imply that he cannot mount any efforts here in CA. As you know, he can enter cases in California pro hac vice, and lawyers that practice nationally do so on a routine basis. No one can be licensed in all 50 states and that is why all courts allow attorneys to enter cases pro hac vice.

- Larry, the founder of Judicial Watch, has stated publicly that he left it to run for a Florida U.S. Senate seat. At least he had the good sense to focus on one thing. Running for the Senate, if seriously, is a full-time job.

- We have already explained Klayman’s response to the child support issue, grounded in law and fact, unlike your one sided presentation, which inaccurately portrayed him as a deadbeat Dad. You did not give Klayman or us any chance to respond to your misleading assertions about him and others before that on other matters, repeatedly since January. You routinely censor our postings on your site, so we have ceased trying.

- Klayman has never been convicted of anything. He has not had a license suspended or revoked. He is following the law.

- It is interesting that “Constance Ruffley” of Judicial Watch went out of her way to attend your presentation, switching topics to comment on Klayman’s involvement in the “birther” suits and his personal life (which is none of her or your business), since Judicial Watch completely blew us off when we approached them about helping. You seem to place a lot of weight on words of an office clerk with an agenda.

- The fact that multiple Article II Legal Fund ads run on and an Obama Ballot Challenge ad runs on Art2 SuperPAC does not mean that we are each members of the other. We left to focus on the Ballot Challenges, while Article II SuperPAC will focus mainly on education and publicity on….. Article II issues. So, there is obviously potential synergy, but different missions.

- Your seemingly obsessive interest in Klayman is fascinating. It seems that you are focused on attacking Klayman and impeding his mission, when you should instead be focused on building the movement and cooperating.

- What results have you achieved in four years of taking OPM (Other peoples’ money)? All these misstatements, if not lies, or deliberate shading of the truth, are at the very least the result of your fact-finding incompetence, or a deliberate attempt to mislead your readers, not a good attribute in an attorney.

- We can’t tell people who to support, but will only say that there are now multiple attorneys working on cases, mostly ballot challenges. We advise our readers to check their track records, qualifications and achievements before making their choices. It is not Larry’s fault that we only started working with him recently and haven’t raised the agreed upon money yet. This is more attributable to a late start and justifiable disappointment of people in the legal process, especially after the initial Georgia defeat and others before that.

- Now, we must deal with an attorney (you) seemingly intent upon sabotaging the efforts of a genuine American patriot and outstanding achiever, instead of warmly welcoming him and cooperating. The Larry Klayman projects are in progress. Same is true of the Kerchner, Hatfield/Swenson and Irion efforts. And yours. The more the merrier. You know we also promoted you vigorously, but find that far more difficult now, when you keep attacking us and others.

- You need to quickly make amends by not only deleting all inaccurate and misleading material, but by posting on your blog and sending full and unqualified retractions out immediately to all of your lists. As our attorney wrote you, you have caused ongoing and severe harm. So it would behoove you and be in your best interests to commence corrective actions immediately, rather than compounding and extending your offenses. Our group has nothing to apologize for, except not raising money fast enough. We are open for business and on the cases!

We have commented on some specific passages in Orly Taitz blog postings, below. We see that you added more garbage today (2/26). We will not even address the latest one, except to say that you are in no position to be making any demands. We meet all legal requirements and answer questions of donors and allied patriots. Why don’t you try answering the same questions and further explain why you have been taking donors’ money for over 3 years with no accounting?




  1. So why has Klayman NOT filed anything? Seems quite odd to me! Your letter is long and boring with no real meaning. The bottom line is she said he did not file and here you say the same thing. So did he file or not and if not where is the money that was raised?

  2. @Anonymous

    It was not designed to entertain you, Obot.

    Your reading comprehension also seems impaired.

  3. It's none of your damn business where the money is unless you're the donor, the plaintiff, or the attorney.

    Have you ever seen Orly account for all the donations she has received and where each penny has been spent?

    Are you calling Cdr. Kerchner a liar when he says the Article 2 LDF has been very professional and has provided him weekly reports on donations received?

    "Since my name was dragged into this fray by Orly Taitz for reasons unfathomable to me since I have done nothing in the past but try to help help her since she first appeared on the scene in the late fall of 2008, even donating money to her efforts repeatedly, I am happy to set the record straight that all donations made to the Article II Legal Defense Fund - PA campaign are being sent by check regularly to my attorney who then puts it into her trust account for use in the PA action. I also receive regular weekly reports listing all donations. The Article II Super PAC and Article II Legal Defense Fund people have been totally professional, efficient, and honest in all their dealing with me and our action in PA. As to Orly attacking the Article II orgs and now me by name is totally baffling. I appreciate the support of the two Article II orgs and will continue to avail myself of their services to expose the usurper-in-chief and unconstitutional, illegal resident of the Oval Office." Cdr Charles Kerchner

    I ask again when has Orly ever accounted for all her donations since 2008?

  4. What are Taitz's actual motives? Is she trying to destroy the movement, or is she just arrogant, narcissistic, stubborn and stupid? Why is she attacking others who are trying to help?

  5. By observing what she's done, O.T. was instructed to get out front of the movement and eff it up and be a clown to be pointed at.

    Anyone who ignores the FAILURE of Obama to meet Article II Section 1 Clause 5 IS COMPLICIT.

    They're either focused on Article II, or they're just another OBOT criminal. All obots are fcking criminals.

  6. Orly Taitz is a RINGER! I was suspicious because she loses every single case. This article just confirms it. This movement needs to ignore her.


  8. And Ken, who cares about the donations and who donated! The main concern is if he filed the lawsuit or not! Reporting the donations means nothing! Did the donations get the job done that they were donated for? If not someone better say why! And again did he file the lawsuit or not?

  9. Is she trying to destroy the movement, or is she just arrogant, narcissistic, stubborn and stupid?

    That could be debated endlessly. I'm certain it's a deliberate effort. Others are equally certain it's narcissism and stupidity.

    What really matters is she is destroying the movement, both in the courtroom and on her blog. She'll get her "birther civil war" covered by the media if she can, I guarantee you, and that's something the MSM will pay attention to.

  10. why is the Georgia Ballot Challenge only supporting Hatfield/Swenson. Aren't their other plaintiffs in Georgia? What about Weldon and Powell? why are you not supporting their efforts?

  11. I too find it ironic that Orly Taitz, of all people, is questioning how and to whom others donate their own money and then how that money is spent.

    For years now she has collected donations and not once has she offered to account for any of it except in her incessant whining about having to pay filing fees here and having to travel there, having to make copies, etc., the vast majority of which were completely unnecessary and a complete waste of those monies donated to her. As a for instance... 4 unnecessary trips to HI simply because she can not and refuses to read, understand and abide by the rules of the court. Countless motions for "reconsideration" which are a complete waste of time and money. Appeals filed with no basis at all. Now she's asking for "49" certified copies of the record in GA to send (apparently) to challengers who are filing ballot challenges (sure as heck the "states" as she posted are not asking for them... just another of her lies) and they will be just as useless in other challenges as they were in IN, and for the same reasons. And at a cost between 5 and 10k totally wasted funds.

    If anyone should be accounting for funds it's Orly, to her non-existent "foundation" etc.

    It's, frankly, none of her business where anyone else's money is spent nor how. Her only impetus in posting such is to try to divert any donations from anyone else to her... period.

  12. Taitz's motives are as such.
    1. Trick a bunch of easy-to-string-along types to "donate" money for her "legal expenses".
    2. Pick battles she know's she will lose.
    3. Moan about how she was cheated by a corrupt system.
    4. Ask for more money to "continue her fight".

  13. Very well said Ken and Thank you for all your hard work.

  14. Please post a link to where Orly personally attacks Cdr. Kerchner.

    Thank you.

  15. Why is she attacking others who are trying to help?....please provide any evidence where this person is trying to help? Klayman that is.

  16. Question: Has Larry Klayman ever actually won a case?

  17. The woman has a personality flaw!

    It really upsets me when I see Taitz go off the rails in court. She starts insulting the court by accusing them, during her arguments. This type of argument cannot make the judge very happy.

    I am sure that these court cases are being skewed, but her attitude is not helping the cause. We need a competent, experienced trial lawyer and Larry Klayman is a damned good choice!!!!

  18. I find it very unfortunate that both parties cannot be more compassionate with eachother.
    Forbearance is what is needed,both sides have been and are concerned for our country.Please
    try to get this situation ironed out quickly,the
    American people need both of you.
    Thank you, Charlie Resseguie from central N.Y. state

  19. This is what I think's Orly's end-game is. Not if, but when BHO is impeached, there will be a pot of gold at the end of this game. A book and movie deal could easily be worth $10,000,000. A cute looking Russian dentist and online lawyer's story will sell big for the worse crime in the history of the US. She is trying to postion herself as the leader of the anti-BHO horde as to grab the money.

    1. Orly CUTE ??? You need to get out more......

  20. @Anonymous

    Pay attention slow poke Orlybot.

    Carl Swensson and Kevin Powell are the Georgia plaintiffs and Hatfield is the attorney.

    Carl Swensson and Kevin Powell use the Article II Legal Defense Fund to help cover their legal expenses.

    David Welden is another Georgia plaintiff. His attorney is Van Irion who uses his non-profit org Liberty Legal Foundation to cover legal expenses.

    Farrar, Lax, Cody, et al, are Georgia plaintiffs and their attorney is Orly Taitz who uses her "foundation" to "cover" legal expenses.

    The question remains when has Orly ever shown all her donations and where those donations have been spent?

  21. Orly Taitz and her husband are already VERY VERY WEALTHY money is not her motive so give it a rest. Now those who trick people into giving them money of course would accuses everyone is doing it too! Clayman is a shameless self promoter a gad fly and raconteur. Give me a break! Get on the wagon or get the hell off you are holding back the people that have skin in the game and not sitting on the sidelines criticizing Dr. Taitz.

  22. @Anonymous

    Then Orly should not have to beg daily for donations.

  23. @Anonymous
    "Question: Has Larry Klayman ever actually won a case?
    February 27, 2012 7:26 AM"

    Well, just for openers, he is the only one in history to ever have successfully sued a sitting American President. Do you homework, then please donate:

  24. Anonymous 7:36

    Put your money where your mouth is: Fire Orly and hire Klayman.

  25. Please stop this bickering back and forth, it is a distraction and hurting our cause.

  26. @Anonymous

    As we wrote on, we did not raise enough money in time and Klayman only started work on the day that the plaintiff filed.

    Mr. Klayman is now helping the plaintiff to amend the complaint to incorporate more compelling arguments, handle the legalities, expand its scope and possibly file additional complaints. Why are you finding that so difficult to grasp? How does that make him "incompetent," er, "INCOMPETENT?"

  27. It hadn't occurred to me that Taitz hasn't provided to the public a list of her donors, how much they donated and where she spent the donations. After four years of begging for donations where is her accounting?

  28. I asked above where Taitz's accounting of nearly four years of donations have gone and then thought I'd look.

    What I found is the name she uses "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" is registered as a "Fictitious" business in Orange County, CA and is run out of the same address as her dental practice and senate campaign.

    Here is the definition of fictitious - "For an individual, it is a name that does not include the surname of the individual or a name that suggests the existence of additional owners."

    That latter part "additional owners" hhhmmmmm Who might those be? There is no way one individual can fly all over the country on a whim, file all of the paperwork to all of the courts on behalf of all of the people, make all of the donation pleas, write up attacks on anyone and everyone, sleep, eat, practice or even manage her dental biz and run for senate.

    Who are her business partners? Who is on her payroll? What does the staff do? How much are they paid? Where do they live? What is their job description?

    Who and what is Defend Our Freedoms Foundation? Seriously. What does anybody really know other than what Taitz says?

    I think it is time for Taitz to show everyone a full accounting of all donations and where they've been spent for four years!

  29. @AnonymousHer donor records should be public record, if she paid her taxes and listed them. The question is, did she?

    The Taxman

  30. I encourage all who RIP Orly to continue donating generously to these people.

    My money has always been and will continue to be "ON THE LADY". To this day NO-ONE has yet to work so hard or sacrificed as much for MY money. She is 100% correct in everything she has posted about these Folk. (Basically she's exposing their FRAUD. That's why their articles read with such "VICIOUSNESS")

    The more they write the more obvious it becomes.
    If you want proof, just check what the FAGBLOWS have to say about it. (Unless of course you agree with the Faggies. In witch case you'll feel right at home.)

    I, will judge a man by the company he keeps. And more importantly, by his ENEMIES. But that's just me you know (That Killer is sooo crazy...)

    Here's a little more proof:

  31. Most overachieves are sloppy & negligent. I am certain Orly is just as impulsive with dentistry.

    Narcissistic personalities are so emotionally damaged, they invalidate others as a matter of habit to hide their true Inadequate Selves.

    Add the experience that you lived in an oppressed country during your formative years & you've got a megliomaniac, who itruly believes he is the only one who can change history.

    Sounds like OBAMA right ?
    Orly & BARACK ARE IDENTICAL IN EVERY WAY MERELY on opposite sides.

    Orly doesn't see this.

    Eventually her health from overwork will weigh her down.

    Beyond that, the only way to stop the Train Wreck is eviidence of criminality, the same goal you have for Obama.

    Orly is like SIGOURNEY WEAVER in "Working Girl": Business is business, especially when you lift others' work product as your own.

    No one should give her $$ for 49 certified copies of transcripts.

    The judge REJECTED HER witness evidence, so it will have no weight.

    As for Larry Klayman , he is a terrific national spokesperson, but will have no better success in the courtroom. They are kangaroo courts.

    Larry needs to rehabilitate his reputation very badly & believes this case will put him back on the map.

    Take it as you wish.

  32. Taitz will find there are very strict laws concerning donations to her Senate campaign.

  33. Your open letter sounds like a run-around worthy of Obama himself!

  34. CommieLover:

    Mr. Barnes,

    It is now obvious you are an uninformed Orlybot, and as such, you must either be immoral or ignorant. Since you cannot be considered to be an effective part of our movement, please send me a PayPal email address to which I can personally refund your $39--as I would certainly not want you at the event if we can hold it at a later date.

    Once you receive your refund, I expect you to report such to your incompetent, self-idolizing hero. Additionally, since you put yourself into this, I will use your name at MY discretion in further explaining our current situation to the public--including the very foolish posting that bears your name that was posted on the dentist's website.

    Dean Haskins

  35. I think that both parties should realise that continuing this acrimonious relationship will only result in great damage to both sides of the conflict. In the end, the only person likely to come out a winner will be Barack Obama.

    I encourage both sides either to simply knock it off or barring that, voluntarily go through some type of confidential mediation process.

  36. I of course don't have any idea how much money Orly has collected.

    But I do know she has worked incessantly longer than anyone else.

    And her requests for financial aid are made much more subly than anyone else, whose sites ONLY seems about collecting money; (with less obvious transparency of what is being done with the money).

    Orly's site is 99% about what she is doing, with 1% about asking for money.

    The other sites are the exact opposite.

    I had noticed that long before Orly mentioned it. AND she was RIGHT .... there were NO LAW SUITS filed (yet) by Klayman.

  37. screw the obots let them whine and snivel. one day Obama will answer for his crimes we need to hold every politician responsible for his being in office. they know hes illegal and have done squat to fix it. we need to let them know we will be coming for them too if they dont start doing the job we pay them to do. lets go after them too they are the ones who have allowed Obama to be where he is now. we need to let them know they are headed to jail along with Obama. if they want to spend the rest of their life locked up with a libtard in their cell keep lying for Obama. its time for us to take back our nation from these crooks.

  38. Dean,

    I think in the interest of good faith, you should publish your expenditures on the birther summit.

    Like, how much did your vacation in Hawaii cost?

  39. Orly,

    I think in the interest of good faith, you should publish your expenditures on your failed ventures since 2008.

    Like, how much did your 4 vacations in Hawaii cost?

  40. Orly Taitz is a clown.
    She's probably employed by Obama just to put a clown's face on this birther nonsense.

  41. Taitz is an Obama agent

  42. I used to support Taitz but I have realized she is not very bright, not a good attorney. It's all that mentioned in the article. She needs to get a hold of her emotions and stop behaving so unprofessionally. I think she is just after fame. She won't allow my criticism on her site, yet allow Obot's statements like "ORLY, YOU ARE A RUSSIAN WHORE!".

  43. THIS, exactly is why CONSERVATIVES will NEVER win. I just don't understand how the Liberals can ALL STICK TOGETHER, yet all Conservatives do is FIGHT.


    Makes me wonder if there is NOT a dang MENTAL problem when EVERY time it is CHECKMATE by the DEMS!



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