Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gingrich: Every Reason to Believe Obama Born in U.S.
by Joy Lin @ Fox News

Storm Lake, Iowa -- Newt Gingrich routinely fields questions during his campaign stops and during the event showcasing Art Laffer's endorsement, a woman who had been sitting on stage behind him asked Gingrich for clarification about President Obama's country of birth.

"Why doesn't Barack Obama not have to exactly prove his citizenship as he's going to all of these other countries besides leading our country." She added, "Arizona, if I have my facts correct, they are refusing to put his name on the ballot because he hasn't proven that he is a citizen. Is that true?"

"No," Gingrich said.

"All I can report is the state of Hawaii has certified that he was born there," Gingrich continued.

"We both were with a taxi driver one day who showed us the hospital. There is every reason to believe he is a citizen of the United States. The fact that he's already a terrible president, we don't have to go beyond that and try to find something beyond that."

"In all fairness, this is one of those issues where it's a fact: he is the president of the United States. Therefore, at a factual level, citizenship is a moot issue. He is the president. He's not going to lose the presidency over that. He will lose the presidency because all of us will vote him out, which is the American way of doing it."


On a side note: Lawsuit filed to put Newt Gingrich on the Primary Ballot in Virginia

Richmond, Virginia—A lawsuit seeking to put Newt Gingrich on the ballot for Virginia’s March 6, 2012, primary election was filed Thursday in the Circuit Court of Richmond County by a Virginia attorney and tea party activist, Jonathon Moseley.

The lawsuit can be downloaded at: Link.

The lawsuit alleges that Newt Gingrich did in fact satisfy the requirement of Va. code 24.2-545 to file 10,000 petition signatures. Over 11,000 signatures were actually filed by Newt Gingrich’s campaign. The lawsuit contends that many of Gingrich’s petition signatures were improperly excluded. CONTINUED HERE:

Some unreported news: Americans across the nation file challenges against Obama being placed on state primary ballots due to his non-NATURAL BORN CITIZEN status.

19 Dec 2011: Wash Times Ad - Obama SSN Fails E-Verify System - Support New Article II Super PAC Org


  1. Which hospital did the taxi driver show him, Queens or Kapiolani?

    Oh, and F. U. Newt!

  2. They dismissed Perry's suit on the Virginia ballot, don't know why they would give fat ass Gingrich any different answer.

    Ain't that poetic justice. Newt is a natural born citizen and he can't get on 3 state ballots, mainly because he's a disorganized slob. Obama is not a natural born citizen and it's like pulling teeth from a raptor to try to keep him from being put on the ballot for an office he is not qualified for. LOL!!!

  3. another republican idiot coward

  4. I'm sure Newt's comments made Fox News happy...they are one of, if not the top, protector of Obama and keeping the truth about him safely hidden away.

  5. Newt is an ardent member of the Council on Foreign Relations ... the CFR, which has as its goal the establishment of a New World Order as introduced by G.H. W. Bush. Establishing a North American Union and the END OF AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY is the first step. Submission to international Law and the edicts of the U.N. are already a "done deal". Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that will restore America's Republic

  6. Apparently Newt has not looked at the evidence against Obama or the 40+ lawsuits filed against Obama's eligibility. He seems to think a taxi driver can verify the eligibility of a President by driving by a hospistal. Everyone but the media and the politicians knows Obama is not eligilble to be President. He was not eligible to run for President, not eligible to become President, and is not eligible to be President, period. He cannot lose the Presidency he was never authorized by our Constitution to be President. It was either stupidity, incompentence, or a conspiracy by Obama, the Democrat Party, Republican Party, and the media to get Obama in the White House. He must be removed or America has lost it's soul, as if it were a Banana Republic with a fraud in the highest office. Those are the facts and I would be more than happy to debate Newt one on one on that Constitutional issue.

  7. Ron Paul is no different than the rest of the cowards on the Hill.

    He too says Obama's Article II eligibility is a non-issue and irrelevant.

  8. He doesn't want to 'examine' Obama too closely BECAUSE he doesn't want himself 'examined' too closely.

    How obvious could it be.

  9. Well, that sucks, but if the truth be told, he would nor bet the ranch on Obama being a citizen.

    He, like everyone else, was told not to discuss it.

    When he wondered out loud why it took him so long to produce a birth certificate, MSNBC immediately labeled him a Birther.

    There is no way that he can come out now and talk about it without being lumped into the fringe category.

    I do not think that anyone could get elected voicing a Birther belief despite being true.

    I'll say it again. Don't count Newt out as a non-believer.

  10. California Birther/Dualer/DoubterDecember 29, 2011 at 10:18 PM

    Dr. Polland, I think you may be right. After all, Newt also caught heat for knocking the usurper's "Kenyan, anti-colonial worldview." Alan Keyes was the only politician willing to risk ridicule by speaking out against our dear leader's eligibility since he had little to lose.

  11. Was that a trick question?
    Is this how Newt is going to govern - by not verifying a question:
    A citizen is not the issue: We know Obama is presently a citizen; the ISSUE IS: IS OBAMA A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

    if a rDUMBELL eporter cannot even clarify the question, the interviewee should ask for a more specific question.

    Newt the Historian just lost his position in the running: HIT THE CONSTITUTION NEWT BEFORE YOU SELF-DESTRUCT DO TO IMPULSIVITY.

  12. whatever newt might secretly know or suspect he must plainly steer clear of the slightest whiff of the "B" word ,he is not so foolish as to get himself publically tared and feathered by those oozing poxy c#nts in the MS media by connecting himself in any way to this lost cause .newt has to survive the election ,then he can swing his ax .

    in the last paragraph newt is speaking directly to us in code all fairness means forgive me folks but you know damned well that if I broach this "birther issue " ,it wont actually hurt the dear leader but it will surely destroy any chance of victory for ME ,ie,"therefore at a FACTUAL level CITIZENSHIP is a MOOT point"

    cain could have gotten away with an eligibility argument perhaps ,newt would simply be skinned alive and we all know it .

    despite all his warts and baggage ,newt imo is the smartest, toughest and most seasoned anti obat agenda soldier that we can hope for .newt speaks plainly and he intends to carry a really stick studded with nails .he knows how to navigate the corridors in DC and he is much ,much harder than romney . REAL hope and change in DC is gonna be a nasty bloodbath even after obama is out .

    newt is no dummy ,knows the score but he is a pragmatist so he has to say the vapidly correct words ,for now ...

  13. i think Dr Polland is correct ,newt is as smart as a whip but even the slightest whiff of birtherism during this election would scuttle his campaign immediately.

    I believe that once safely in office newt will come after the pro obama law bench and pelosi ,biden ,waters ,schumer etc with the full weight of discovery .

    watch all of newt's speeches over the last decade on YT ,he is REALLY pissed off at the democratic left and the press and considers their recent actions to be virtual treason .look how he easily manhandles TV "moderators even now ,imagine his power and WRATH once he has kicked in the door at the hawaii DOH ..conspiracy ,obstruction ,treason in time of war ?

    back in the day ,newt had to play nice with those smirking whores in the liberal press .once in power he will skin fuddy and pelosi alive then start asking chris tingle ,0donell ,cenk ,and maddow WHAT did they know and WHEN did they know it .wait and see what happens to those in govt and the press who abetted treason ...AFTER the election its no longer a MOOT but a NEWT point .

    did you watch matthews last week? he is f#kin TERRIFIED ..and you know what ,he has every reason to piss his pants .if newt wins ,ALL of them will shudder in terror when confronted with the actual EVIDENCE of fraud and forgery ..oh ,and obama's head in a bucket ,

    if you REALLY want revenge and wish to see the full weight of justice fall on to those who smirked and scoffed ,pray for newt ,FIRST he will impeach certain TREASONOUS judges ,why not ?

    after the BC forgery fiasco and the Holder DOJ murdergate ,it will be like shooting fish in a barrel,

    the press will be muzzled by their own guilt and very ,very fearful ..hoping that the newt DOJ dosnt serve THEM next ,,watch and see what happens once "discovery " is allowed again ,like in a real court room .

    back in the day ,they called him "mean spirited" and the pitbull of the right ,LOL, they havent even begun to see MEAN SPIRITED and that little pitbull will be replaced by a remorseless,black eyed ,angry old white POLAR BEAR ..with a thick white mane and terrible crunching jaws ..

    birthers pray with me ,oh please god ,let it be the great white newt ..let the offices of wicked (msn,cbs,cnn,snopes ,politifact etc) soon be splattered with the entrails and blood of the traitors ,let the enemy shit themselves in the terror of his meanness .let NONE escape ..thank you lord..

  14. "Anonymous said...[Reply]

    They dismissed Perry's suit on the Virginia ballot, don't know why they would give fat ass Gingrich any different answer."

    Perry's suit has not been dismissed in VA. Hearing on the motion for preliminary injunction is set for 1/13.

    From the Docket:

    12/29/2011 Set Hearing: Motion Hearing set for 1/13/2012 at 10:00 AM in Richmond Courtroom 6000 before District Judge John A. Gibney Jr. (wtuc) (Entered: 12/29/2011)

    12/29/2011 14 Minute Entry for proceedings held before District Judge John A. Gibney, Jr.: Status/Scheduling Hearing held on 12/29/2011; Briefs are due on January 6; Responses are due on January 11; Hearing on Preliminary Injunction set for January 13, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. (Court Reporter G. Halasz, OCR.) (wtuc) (Entered: 12/29/2011)

  15. Lame answer, lame candidate, lame alleged facts. So, a taxi driver showing a hospital is proof of what?

    This is beyond fraud. We now know who NOT to vote for. The less known candidates Laurie Roth, John Dummett, Cody Judy are the only ones addressing the liar-in-chief barry soetero issue.

  16. Wrong question. Every time this comes up, e.g. Trump, the question is about whether he is a citizen - whether he was born in this country. Wrong question. When is somebody going to ask these dopes about why Barry Buttwipe is POTUS but not NBC? Gingrich describes himself as an historian. Of all people, he should have a grasp of NBC. Barry has been uber successful in shifting the question away from NBC to whether he was born here. And, everybody has taken the friggin bait.

  17. Newt like all other spineless politicians and media shills own Barry's ineligible presidency because they never vetted him. They will continue to cover for him because they are afraid of loosing face and the constitutional meltdown that will occur if the truth is know to the general public. Cowards,liars and thieves

  18. HalfWhiteHalfKenyanDecember 30, 2011 at 5:12 AM

    Dean haskins is a fucking liar. He said on november 13 it would be days not weeks until he shared his new information on the usurper and now obama IS IN HAWAII ON A FUCKING VACATION and he is laughing at all of us.

  19. Next time ask Newt if it is a felony for an individual to have illegally obtained and continuing to use a fraudulent SSN? Just asking...

  20. Wouldn't it be refreshing if we could get one of these candidates to come clean after they lose the primary? We'll never get the chosen nominee to do it, but maybe we can get some of them, who I truly believe think Obama's birth narrative is false, to join forces with us? I mean after the Republican nomination, what will the other 6 have to lose? Sadly, while she had good intentions, the woman who posed the question to Newt didn't ask it correctly. The issue is not whether he is a citizen, but a natural born citizen...and even if he had been born on our own Capitol building steps in Wash, DC, according to our Constitution, he STILL would not be a natural born citizen and eligible to be our POTUS! THAT'S A FACT!

  21. I think the Republican leaders made a deal with the Democrats. They both know that they can take out whoever they want by turning almost any nefarious accusation into a scandal. Look what they did to Sarah Palin, Hermann Cain, now Ron Paul. Systematic destruction.

    I think BHO has the goods on a number of high ranking Republicans, and is blackmailing them. Have you read that Bill Frist and Trent Lott had homosexual rumors floating about? - both of them are now gone. Their "careers" in the best job in the country ended abruptly. Why?

    Once they get the nomination any of them will have to work with this same blackmailed leadership. And that leadership let them know to keep silent.

  22. I am heart-broken hearing such a disingenuous answer from Gingrich, the historian, scholar, fighter!

    However, we must fight strategically. The Cody Judy, Leah Lax etc. candidates running on O elig, unfortunately, will not get enough support from the voters. Therefore, other than voting for them in the Primary to send a message, we have no choice but to select the best available, capable, conservative-leaning fighter to defeat the usurper/liar of the century! Gingrich, thinking his hands are tied in this issue, is still the best fighter available.
    Anyway, any jack is better than soetoro/obama/sorbarkah! Voting obama out = removing his czars, thugs, agencies, marxists, alinskies. With obama removed from the oval office, we will be in better position to prosecute him, because the chicken gov officials will have no reason to protect him and can afford to be more courageous in speaking up.

  23. Mr. Gingrich just lost my support and vote.

    There is no, No, NO more important issue than the fact that Obama knows he is not eligible to be POTUS and doesn't care. Why? Because that's just one example of his stated distain for the U.S. Constitution, that distain being the basis of everything Mr. Gingrich says is wrong about Obama.

  24. Fema camps are being prepared for anyone who complains about Gubmint. So just keep bitching and doing nothing and you will end up in one. African Americans can hold a million man march and we can't do anything but sit on our azzes and use the internet instead of any action being taken.

  25. Newt Gingrich is Alinsky on the right. All I would have to say to Gingrich "Prove It"==America is being taken down by an illegal alien muslim/communist treasonist fraud,and you all ignore it. All of these candidates are afraid to stand for the Constitution and America.

  26. It makes no difference what side of an issue a conservative is on - liberal progressive democrats will take the opposite side. Why bother to try and answer their stance - just disregard them totally! I agee the best way to get rid of Obama is to do it at the ballot box -and that will not be an easy task!

  27. @Dr. Ron Polland

    "I'll say it again. Don't count Newt out as a non-believer."

    Nonsense. Gingrich is a history professor. Are you saying he doesn't know the meaning of the term "natural born Citizen". His comment that the President is a citizen indicates he believes birth in the US is sufficient.

    Maybe next time someone will ask him about that and not the birth certificate.

  28. I agree with Ron Polland, Newt cannot come out and 'publicly be a birther' or he is neutered by the media. He may be a birther privately but he cannot be one publicly and defeat Obama. And defeating Obama is our #1 priority.

    As to Ron Paul being 'the only one who will restore America's Republic' all I can say is poppycock. Ron Paul's hatred of Israel and his buddy-buddy policy with rabid islamists will get this nation destroyed, he would never get the chance to restore our Republic. He's a very dangerous man to our national security! Probably worse than Obama even. No way am I voting for ANYONE who wants the state of Israel destroyed. God would destroy this nation in ways you cannot even imagine as a consequence.

    "Those who bless thee I will bless, those who curse thee I will curse."

  29. @California Birther/Dualer/Doubter
    Is there a candidate for the Repubican nomination that those of us who challenge the Usurper's eligibility can support or do we need to register a protest vote for a minor party/independent candidate?

  30. WELL IT IS IRRELEVANT NOW...Lets move forward...even if...I mean what the hell is going to get done now...embarrass us all for our lack of ability to even run a natural born citizen...think of what it would do to our already tarnished world rep...Newt is right...get on with life and lets just beat Obama out of office and learn from this and make our politicians fix the problem that led to his ability to get elected last time and make sure it doesnt happen again...dwelling in the past does nothing...learning from it and making changes does. GOD bless America

  31. First, if Obama WAS born in the US and is Malcolm X's son he still would legally be able to be President. Sorting through that, the issue of the "natural born" argument all likely will not happen quickly enough to impact 2012.

    Second, I am sure Newt is insulated from these arguments. I would venture he hasn't really studied any of this (and that is no excuse). It's disappointing but,

    Third, what benefit does it do Newt to bring this up now POLITICALLY? It's a dangerous issue that won't get the proper attention from the CONSERVATIVE or MSM press and could not help him AT ALL in the primaries, as long as he is still fighting other conservatives who will simply brand him as "crazy."

    He DOES need to get up to speed and understand the constitutional threat. With his position on the judiciary he might be the most likely candidate to do this (besides Paul) but the issue doesn't help ANY of them IN THE PRIMARY.

    I've been hoping that Sheriff Joe has been educating Perry on the IOWA trail. If PERRY used it to separate himself from the pack and reinvigorate support - (he has nothing to loose in 6th place) - I bet we'd see Newt quickly get the facts right.

  32. Gingrich is a creep, a jerk and a slob. Wanton name- calling? Hardly, simply calling as it is

    "citizen" "born in Hawaii" What is this idiot talking about? both irrelevant re ARTICLE II S1 CL5 Pres Elg Reqs.

    "moot"? "not going to lose the presidency" ?
    This pig has told you all you need to know about where he stands on OUR natural rights
    translation: HE 's not interested in guarding, preserving, any of them

    The USURPER can't "lose" anything he isn't in natural [read: lawful], possession of

  33. TPM article,

    Mitt Romney’s Son: Obama Should Release Birth Certificate, Grades

    "There’s off message and then there’s Mitt Romney’s son, Matt Romney, who suggested on Thursday that President Obama should release his birth certificate and grades before his father releases his tax returns.

    “He’s certainly not afraid of anything, he’s not hiding anything,” he said of his father in a video recorded by a Patch reporter in New Hampshire. “But I heard someone suggest the other day that as soon as President Obama releases his grades and birth certificate and sort of a long list of things, that maybe he’d do that.”

    After his brothers stepped in to distance the candidate from the remarks, Matt added that “that’s a suggestion from someone else.”

    Both Obama’s birth certificate and grades have been a longtime focus of fringe conspiracy theorists, leading Obama to publicly release copies of both his short form and long form birth certificate. Recently a number of conservatives, including Rick Perry, have demanded Obama release his college grades, a less-than-subtle dogwhistle to conservatives looking to prove that the president, who distinguished himself as the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review, owed his success to Affirmative Action.

    TPM reached out to the Romney campaign for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

    Update: Matt Romney quickly clarified his remarks on Twitter via a brand new account that had never been used before. A spokeswoman for the Romney campaign confirmed to TPM that the account was indeed Romney’s son and that he had created it expressly to apologize.

    “I repeated a dumb joke. My bad,” he tweeted."

    So he goes oops. Yeah, "a dumb joke" by Obama at the expense of United States citizens.

  34. Newt, like most of the others, doesn't want to grab this tiger by the tail, My gut tells me there will be many other "tigers in the night" coming in the not too distant future. To simply dismiss or ignore this difficult issue, an issue that is on many peoples' minds, does not portend well for a Gingrich presidency. What other difficult issues will he punt on? I don't want to find out.

  35. Showing all his political genius, Noot buries his head in the sand.

    The prior remark should have been, "In spite of the overwhelming evidence that his BC is a computer generated forgery...

  36. That's Newt World Order talk.
    May it crash and burn.

  37. "I agree the best way to get rid of Obama is to do it at the ballot box -and that will not be an easy task!"

    Again, do you really think a person who has gone this far to usurp the Presidency, who has no qualms about committing fraud and forgery, who lies through his teeth about every motivation for every new stupid law or spending spree, who has an army of Obots working the Internet, not to mention the untimely yet convenient deaths of his grandmother, Lietenant Harris, Donald Young, Larry Bland...

    Do you really think they plan on playing fair with this next election? They are challenging photo ID voting laws all over the country. Why? They are going to cheat.

    The 2012 election is already in the bag. They are just working the numbers and making sure that his approval rating (which I think is rigged too) doesn't drop too low to make it suspicious. And if the truth be known - I would bet that is how he won in 2008.

  38. All I can say is he lost any chance of getting my vote. I will vote for anyone that stands up to Obama and calls it like it is. No if and's or buts about it.

  39. Another worthless fake conservative coward wussy...part of the problem just like Barry M. Shabazz Soeteoro...fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

  40. A bit off topic...BUT JUST AS ANTI-GINGRICH...


  41. Nothing Newt states is any surprise to me. The FBI does not care about anything that happened in 1970 or 1971, or certain inconvenient admissions made by a certain presidential candidate.
    I have no reason to trust that candidate since his handler threatened me in 1971, and Tim Geithner knew about Barry in 1970.
    Barry and Tim serve the 1% of individuals on the planet who own most of the resources, control entire nations, co-opt territories, own the central banks and consider everyone else to be collateral damage.
    Since I was threatened by Barry's handler on behalf of these people, I think you can conclude that I am no fan of their methods.
    The FBI won't do anything; but then they wouldn't do anything about Middle Eastern men taking flying lessons at Flying Cloud Airport outside Minneapolis, MN in 1989, either.
    Saul Alinsky's methods have been co-opted by the 1% at the top of the pyramid to ensure their permanent reign over the 99%. They alinskyed me and they will alinsky you, too.

  42. "We both were with a taxi driver one day who showed us the hospital. There is every reason to believe he is a citizen of the United States. The fact that he's already a terrible president, we don't have to go beyond that and try to find something beyond that". And that my fellow Americans is what we have as a candidate for President. How freaking sad is that? He believes he is a citizen because a f*&^ing taxi driver drove him by a hospital in HI. My God in Heaven, we're in deep schitt.

  43. I'm 65 and I remember the news in 1961" The newspaper announcement of obamas birth" It was as questionable then as it is now!!! Newt is a "historian"-a few yrs older than i am--he has to remember it as i do. But then again, he promotes Marco Rubio for vp,Knowing Marco isn't a natural born citizen either!! WTF!!!

  44. You remember reading Obama's birth announcement in 1961? That's impressive as hell.

  45. > I'm 65 and I remember the news in 1961" The newspaper announcement of obamas birth"

    And what precisely do you remember? Why was it "questionable then"?

  46. again ,if any of you were his manager ,would you actually advise him to bring up the BC issue ?

    if newt brought this up it wouldn't suddenly cause the DOH to open their vault and allow a forensic examination ,it WOULD however cause a media firestorm and newt's campaign to collapse instantly .

    newt IS well aware of this issue and i believe that he wont be shy about ramming it down the throat of pelosi ,dean and the DNC .between the various forgerys and gunrunnner ,there should be plenty of stuff to beat down the dem lefties and the press.

  47. Newt was our last hope. All we have is a bunch of RINOs as "opposition", and the Criminal Party in power.

  48. Newt was indeed our last hope.

    Unless something untoward happens Romney will be the Republican nominee, and Obama and the media will destroy him. Also, if Ron Paul runs as an Independent that would guarantee an Obama victory.

    Obama just told us what he plans to do during the last year of his first term -- dictate to America via issuing at least 2-3 Executive Orders per week to accomplish what he wants that he knows Congress wouldn't approve. At that point it's so long America, it's been good to know ya. RIP

  49. Gingrich could not be more irrational. He shatters my faith in his ability to govern.

    There is insufficient publicly available evidence to prove or disprove Obama's eligibility. To resolve the issues, official investigation is required.

    Such investigation, starting with subpoenae of Obama's DNA and his vital records - both the original birth certificate showing actual birth parents and the amended birth certificate showing adoptive parents Stanley Ann Dunham and alien Luo tribesman Barack Hussein Obama - will verify that AT BIRTH Obama was a natural born American citizen.

    But this status can be lost by loss of U.S. citizenship.

    The State Department points out that foreign naturalization is, like a conviction for treason, a potentially expatriating event:


    Section 349 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1481), as amended, states that U.S. citizens are subject to loss of citizenship if they perform certain specified acts voluntarily and with the intention to relinquish U.S. citizenship. Briefly stated, these acts include:

    1. obtaining naturalization in a foreign state (Sec. 349 (a) (1) INA);


    7. conviction for an act of treason (Sec. 349 (a) (7) INA).


    The invocation of public investigative authority, like a congressional investigating committee or a court, is necessary to get the facts.

    Obama's original birth certificate will show that at birth he was a natural born American by the most stringent standards. He was born in the U.S.A. to two U.S. citizen parents. I predict his original birth certificate will show Stanley Armour Dunham and a native Hawai'ian wahine, both of them U.S. citizens, were Obama's birth parents. Stanley Armour wanted a son and contrived to have one by a native Hawai'ian girl. He had his daughter enter into phony matrimony with his accommodating communist pal Obama the alien black Luo tribesman. Stanley Ann left the island to conceal the fact that she was not pregnant. A story was concocted to cover her absence: she had gone to Kenya for laying-in and birth. Lies to cover lies to cover lies. So the finder of fact can refuse to believe Obama when he claims that he did not become an Indonesian citizen voluntarily and with the intention of relinquishing his American citizenship. Why should the investigative agency believe a pathological liar who lied about the identities of his own parents?

    Plaintiffs seeking judicial resolution of Obama's eligibility should request the court of original jurisdiction take full time to conduct hearings of sworn testimony and subpoenae the documentary and real evidence necessary to determine whether Obama voluntarily became an Indonesian citizen with the intention of relinquishing U.S. citizenship.

    The facts elicited by a public authority such as Congress, a state legislature or a federal or state court are as important as the conclusion reached or action taken by the discovering authority. Those facts can be used by other authorities for their determinations. For example, secretaries of state can use them to determine whether to allow Obama on the ballot. Rank and file Democrats can use them to decide whether to re-nominate Obama. Prosecutors can rely on them to bring information or convene a grand jury to investigate criminal allegations against Obama and others.

    Moreover, thorough investigation of Obama will almost certainly disclose his obstruction of justice and sedition.

    Gingrich, like the other RINOs, shows that he lacks qualification for high office by foolishly concluding that Obama's citizenship and eligibility are settled and disregarding the urgent need, AS A MATTER OF NATIONAL SURVIVAL for exhaustive investigation and impeachment of the pretender to the Office of President.

    Such a simpleton as Gingrich is unfit to govern.


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