Friday, September 30, 2011

Rush Limbaugh: Barry Soetoro; No Identity Papers; Suspended Elections - 9/30/2011 - VIDEO HERE Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number Failed E-Verify - FULL INTERVIEW HERE

Numerous Computer Experts Discuss Obama's Forged Birth Certificate; Tear Apart Bogus Claims. VIDEO HERE 

Failed E-Verify Letter to Barack Obama From Linda Jordan - Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number - LETTER HERE 

New Details: SSA Found Discrepancy in Obama's Social Security Number Record - DETAILS HERE 

Private Investigators Respond to Snopes Latest Piece on Obama's Social Security Number Reserved for Connecticut Applicants. MORE HERE 

Obama guilty of at least one felony punishable by $250,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison. MORE HERE

Private Investigator: Obama's Fraudulent Social Security Number & Selective Service Registration

Obama's SSN Fails E-Verify System - 26Sep2011 Wash Times National Wkly edition - pg 5


  1. If Obama is way behind in the polls late next year, I fear how far he will go to create an emergency big enough to suspend the election.

  2. We need all these guys talking about this stuff everyday. Thanks Rush, what took you so long ?

  3. @Texas T

    It's like Michael Savage said, Obama is waiting for the Reichstag moment.

  4. It does sound good to hear Rush Limbaugh saying this across the fruited plain. And this is all he really has to the work of others on the air. Bravo Rush. Now talk about that smiley faced birth certificate and how Congress is mute.

  5. Rush would not risk his credibility by addressing the birther issue heads on.
    That is why he quotes the "canada free press" and thereby covertly mentions it.
    Translation..."I did not say it, The CFP said it"

  6. @Texas T
    I would bet he would and the talk the other day from the gov of NC about putting them off speaks to exactly what these scumbags are thinking. They just need a way to do it legally.

  7. @Matt. They don't need a way to do it legally. They will just do it andAmericanswill say, "you can't do that." But it will just keep moving forward according to plan. Most opposition to the Regime are connected via net but are neglecting connecting at the local level where the real strength needs to be when preparing to deal with the final phase of American being taken over (or handed over; depending how you look at it.)

  8. My guess of why Rush has only spoken in bits about it (my opinion) maybe he was warned not to by other Republicans or even the media. Yes, I'm glad that he brought this out. Something definitely needs to happen with this.

  9. Post the dick morris sean hannity interview from yesterday about obama not running for re-election. The link is at

  10. Quote:

    "Rush would not risk his credibility by addressing the birther issue heads on."

    Rush could increase his credibility by covering Obama's ineligibility and other crimes.

    I believe he has been threatened by the FCC or someone else in his food chain if he talks openly about Obama's ineligibility and other apparent crimes.

  11. California birther/dualer/doubterSeptember 30, 2011 at 5:58 PM

    The video produced by this site has made top billing on WND:

  12. I think some give Rush way too much credit by saying things like "he has always known who O is." I seriously doubt that and it would mean that he was pretending not to know for the past three years. I believe he is just now starting to come to grips with who Barry really is. Its not easy to penetrate a skull like Rush has.

  13. @AnonymousMost of us who DIDN'T vote for him "knew who he was".. All you had to do was listen to the "transform America", "Change", "National civilian security force", etc., speeches and it wasn't too difficult figuring him out. Voting for America's first black Marxist Muslim gay illegal alien President was far too many "FIRSTS" and should've raised suspicion right there. The reason we have so much "vitriol" today is because WE HAVE A MARXIST, NOT A DEMOCRAT, IN OUR WHITE HOUSE and many are upset about it, INCLUDING many Democrats.. 0bama, Holder, etc, have hijacked the Democrat party and continue to "NUDGE" our nation of 50 states (or is it 57?) into one collective NATIONAL SOCIALIST STATE. Would someone please tell me how ANYONE who was born and educated in America could possibly get our number of States wrong????? I mean.. WTF???? 57???? THINK ABOUT IT.

  14. anonymous 1136....I disagree with your thesis in general.

    It was very difficult to 'know' who BHO was and is until recently, the last two years. Most all of the fraud and lies about BHO's life have only come to light AFTER he was elected.

    He would never have been elected if people knew in 2008 what we know now.

    Think about it.

  15. 4:08 A.M. is wrong. Anyone with half a brain could tell who he was after listening to just one speech, I repeat, just one speech. Marxists knew right away he is one of theirs'.

  16. I agree with Dealio. I hope this doesn't sound like I am giving Obama credit for something....but, before the 2008 election there was all kinds of stuff coming from his mouth as he read his teleprompter that indicated to me had no business anywhere near the White House. Obama scared me so bad I voted for McCain as the, (way), lesser of two evils, even though I cannot stand McCain.

    What Obama wanted to do to America was not a secret.

  17. who remembers the speech in Germany where he declared himself a "citizen of the world" probably because he does not not know who his real father is. the signs where there of who he is, but wall st money men and international socialists who control the tv media made it happen for him. now he's pimpin roun in "pimp force one" and living it up on the backs of the taxpayer

  18. Why can't just one honest broker in the press ask the right questions? It will forever remain a complete mystery to me why the press isn't curious about all the records and discrepancies that Obama insists on keeping secret. Would SOMEONE with access please ask him why? We, as a country, are a disgrace and no longer deserve the freedom we have. Freedom requires that you recognize what it takes to preserve it. Todays populace is so smart, they think Dumb and Dumber is intellectual movie.

  19. @John Doe Sr.Ditto! He scared me really bad and still does. Somebody has to stop him soon or we're sunk as a free country. He is one dangerous, America-hating SOB!

  20. "He scared me really bad and still does. Somebody has to stop him soon or we're sunk as a free country. He is one dangerous, America-hating SOB!"

    I'll do everything I can to help Obama destroy this disgusting country.

    There is not a DAMN thing you conservatives can do about it. You are outnumbered and outgunned this time around.

  21. You guys won't have to fire a shot this time. I don't know where America is, but this "ain't" it.

  22. @Texas T

    The US is in serious peril.

    Obama might create a false flag issue, to detract from his decline and scandals.
    His minions are trying to use the false Iran/Saudi plot as excuse to back Israel in attack on Iran.

    This would be catastrophe for US in many ways.


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