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Orly Taitz v. Kathy Ruemmler/White House Counsel - Freedom of Information Act - US District Court for the District of Columbia - Obama Social Security Number and Birth Certificate - Oral Argument Requested

Kathy Ruemmler / White House counsel


Current complaint is filed under Federal statute 5 U.S.C. 552 Freedom of Information Act and diversity


Plaintiff, Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, President of “Defend our Freedoms Foundation”, resident of California

Defendant, Kathy Ruemmler, in her official capacity as the White House Counsel, with business address in Washington DC


1. For a period of nearly three years Mr. Obama has kept hidden his long form birth certificate, attesting to his Natural Born status, which is a requirement for one to become the U.S. President based on Article 2, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

2. Plaintiff herein, Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ,(hereinafter “Taitz”) is an attorney, who is a counsel in a legal action Barnett, Keyes, et al v Obama 8:09 cv 00082 USDC CD CA, and 10-55084 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, dealing with Mr. Obama’s lack of the Natural Born status.

3. On MAY 2, 2011, Plaintiff was scheduled to conduct an oral argument in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Barnett, Keyes et al v Obama on the issue of Obama’s lack of eligibility.

4. On April 27. 2011, only a few days prior to an oral argument, and with polls showing 2/3 of the American public doubting his birth place and legitimacy, Mr. Obama released, what he alleged to be a true and correct copy of his original long form birth certificate maintained in the vault of the Health Department of Hawaii.

5. On the same day Mr. Obama, together with former White House counsel, Robert Bauer, conducted a press conference, attesting to the legitimacy of his birth certificate and attacking political dissident leaders and civil rights attorneys questioning his eligibility, by calling them “sideshow and carnival barkers”.

6. Mr. Obama and Mr. Bauer alleged, that Mr. Obama’s attorney Judith Curley travelled to Hawaii, received 2(two) separate certified copies of the original birth certificate, contained on file in the state department in Hawaii and delivered these two documents to the White House.

7. Mr. Obama and Mr. Bauer conducted a press conference and provided a white background copy of the document and made it available to the NBC reporter Savannah Guthrie and other reporters.

8. Another copy on secure green paper was posted on the official web site for the

9. Within a short period of time multiple experts rendered an opinion, that the document posted on the White is not a true and correct copy of a 1961 original birth certificate, but a cheap forgery, a computer generated “document”, created by cutting and pasting parts of different documents.

10. Printing and typesetting expert Paul Irey provided an affidavit (Exhibit 1), stating, that the document in question is clearly a forgery and contains letters and numbers from different type settings, which can be seen only in a forged document.

11. Adobe expert Chito Papa provided an affidavit, showing, that parts of the document were created in Adobe computer program in layers. (Exhibit 2)

12. Scanning and printing machines expert Douglas Vogt has provided an affidavit, showing kerning, different typesetting, different color, digital, color and grayscale intertwined imaging and other signs of forgery. (Exhibit 3)

13. At the same time Taitz, Plaintiff herein, obtained verification from the Selective Service, that Obama is using a Connecticut Social security number xxx-xx-4425, while Obama was never a resident of Connecticut (Exhibit 4, redacted selective Service certification of Barack Obama) (Exhibit 5, unredacted Selective Service certificate of Barack Obama submitted under seal)

14. Social Security Verification systems provided a response, that the Social Security number in question xxx-xx-4425 was never issued to Barack Obama, which show that Obama is fraudulently using a social security number, which was never issued to him. This represents additional evidence pointing to lack of a valid birth certificate, as typically individuals without a valid birth certificate have to resort to using invalid and fraudulently obtained social security numbers.(Exhibit 6 redacted Social Security Verification Systems letter ) (Exhibit 7, unredacted Social Security verification letter submitted under seal)

15. Taitz obtained from the Student Clearing house an official record of Obama’s attendance at the Columbia university, which shows him attending that university only for 9 (nine) month in contrast to Obama’s assertions, which points to the general pattern of fraud in relation to Obama’s vital records. (Exhibit 8 Student Clearing house certification of attendance of Columbia University by Obama for only 9 months.)

16. On June 1, 2011 USDC for the District of Columbia issued an order for the parties to file dispositive pleadings in Taitz v Astrue 11-cv-402 RCL, a case, where the same Plaintiff is seeking an original SS-5 application for Connecticut Social Security number xxx-xx-4425, which Mr. Obama is using according to his Selective Service certificate, but which was never assigned to him according to the Social Security administration (Exhibits 4, 5). This order was held by the clerks of the court and not posted on the electronic docket until June 3, 2011.

17. On June 2, 2011, as the above order was issued, but not docketed yet, the
White House counsel , Robert Bauer resigned and a new White House counsel, Kathy Ruemmler was appointed.

8. Next day, on June 3rd, Taitz forwarded to Ms. Ruemmler request for inspection of the two “certified copies” of the original long form birth certificate for Mr. Obama, which allegedly were hand carried to the White House by Perkins Coie attorney, Ms. Judith Corley and provided to the public and reporters by the former White House counsel, another Perkins Coie attorney, Mr. Robert Bauer. Taitz requested inspection of those allegedly “certified copies”, that are now in Ruemmler’s custody.

9. Ruemmler did not respond.

10. Taitz forwarded to Ruemmler a second request under 5 USC 552 Freedom of Information act.

11.Ruemmler did not respond.

12. In light of lack of response, overwhelming evidence of forgery and general campaign of cover up and stone walling, further requests are futile.

13. FOIA provides disclosure of the public documents held by the agencies of the federal government.

14. 5 USC 552 (6) private records exception does not apply in this case, as Barack Obama already made the document in question public by posting it on At this point privacy is no longer at issue. The only issue is forgery, which can be ascertained by the inspection of the hard copies of the document.

15. Public interest in ascertaining, whether the person occupying the position of the U.S. President, is doing so based on a forged U.S. birth certificate, outweighs any possible privacy concerns. Multi Ag, 515 F.3d at 1229-30; see, e.g., Barnard v. DHS, 598 F. Supp. 2d 1, 11 (D.D.C. 2009); Schoenman v. FBI, 576 F. Supp. 2d 3, 9 (D.D.C. 2008); Unidad Latina En Accion v. DHS, 253 F.R.D. 44, 48 (D. Conn. 2008); Schoenman v. FBI, 573 F. Supp. 2d 119, 148 (D.D.C. 2008); Schoenman v. FBI, 575 F. Supp. 2d 136, 160 (D.D.C. 2008). as the D.C. Circuit has held, “a privacy interest may be substantial — more than de minimis — and yet be insufficient to overcome the public interest in disclosure.”

16. While 5 USC 552 excludes “central offices of the White House”, this exclusion will not apply in this case, as term “central offices of the White House” relates to the documentation obtained and generated by the President as part of his duties. A copy of a birth certificate from 1961, 50 years ago, does not relate to the duties of the President, which commenced only two and a half years ago, this document relates to legitimacy of Mr. Obama and his right to be in those “central offices of the White House” in the first place. If he was never eligible to be there in the first place, he is not eligible to claim the privilege.

17. This is the case of first impression, as there was never a case in the U.S. history, when a person occupying the position of the U.S. President, did so, while using a forged birth certificate and attempting to defraud the public by posting on line, on White, an alleged computer generated, forged birth certificate.

18. The closest case in the U.S. history is United States v. Nixon, 418 U.S. 683 (1974) , which originated in the DC court, when Hon. John Sirica granted the motion to compel subpoena by Leon Jaworski. Judge Sirica’s decision was confirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States. Just as the Watergate tapes showed high probability of the criminal wrongdoing, which later indeed led to multiple criminal convictions, there is a high probability of criminal wrongdoing by Mr. Obama, former White House counsel Robert Bauer, Mr. Obama’s personal attorney Judith Corley of Perkins Coie, State Registrar, Hawaii Department of Health Alvin T. Onaka and a number of other individuals. Such wrongdoing can be shown by examining hard copies of the alleged long form 1961 birth certificate of Mr. Obama, posted by Mr. Obama on the official White House website

Wherefore Plaintiff respectfully requests this court to

1. Order the defendant to provide the plaintiff access for inspection of the two certified copies of the original long form birth certificate of Barack Obama, which are currently in possession of the White House counsel Mr. Kathy Ruemmler

2. Attorneys fees incurred by the Plaintiff, as counsel for the “Defend Our Freedoms Foundation” in attempting to obtain such documents under 5USC 552 FOIA

3. In light of the overwhelming public interest Plaintiff requests expedient processing of this complaint, as well as open court oral argument.

/s/ Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

Orly Taitz v. Kathy Ruemmler/White House counsel - FOIA - US District Court for the District of Columbia - ...


  1. Don't leave any stone unturned...let's see if the certified copies are both authentic and have the same visisual attributes as the electronic version.

  2. The legal mind of Orly Taitz is an incredible thing to behold. There is no way any other attorney would have thought of this strategy.

  3. FOIA does not apply to the White House. Orly is begging to be sanctioned, isn't she?

  4. Orly, the numbering is off.

  5. you dont need to be a lawyer to see what is going on. In situations like these, the law does not matter. Taitz has about as much chance of seeing a bc as I do of becoming President. We will not get help in the courts. We need private sources to leak the info such as the real Kenyan BC and his adoption records etc. All this other stuff is just fun talk and fluff.

  6. Dr. Taitz, ESQ has more gonads than ALL the members of Congress who are ignoring their oath of office "to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic..." The faux POTUS represents a foreign threat residing domestically in the White House perpetuating the most mammoth crime against the Constitution in the history of our country, a not "natural born Citizen", Kommunist Kenyan ineligible to hold the highest office of our land. Not to mention he is a criminal forger. I hope Dr. Taitz beats O.deadhorse with her big legal club until he spills his guts publicly on the Capitol steps and his immunity stick granted by his accomplices in the media, judiciary, and D-Rat party is used to pry open the doors to his and their jail cells. Maybe then the "We" of the People who are horrified at this criminal assault of our blessed Republic will get some satisfaction, because "I can't get no Satisfaction" yet.

  7. I love Orly, mistakes and all.

    Keep pounding...never give up.

  8. God's speed Dr. Taitz....The Angels of God are all around you. May The White Light of the Holy Spirit surround you, during this entire ordeal.

  9. This is another waste of time. The only way Orly gets into the White House is if she takes the tour.

  10. @Anonymous

    This is another waste of time. The only way Orly gets into the White House is if she takes the tour.

    July 31, 2011 8:22 AM


    Well apparently it is a waste of YOUR time...but then again you're probably just sitting your ass on the couch and eating chips all day while watching the boob tube.

  11. Knock knock -- is anybody home in that Moldovan brain of hers? The Office of White House Counsel is NOT subject to the provisions of FOIA. Neither is the President nor his advisers.

  12. If you want to know who Obama's REAL father is listed as (What he's desperate to hide at all costs), and how I know it to be so, pick up BRED TO BE A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE at in paperback or digital download, at Kindle, or Ebay. (Or in PDF via email at my website, Here's the real shocker, and Obama may have not even been aware of it, since he was adopted.
    We share the same father, and he's WHITE; Obama's mother a black Indonesian.
    But as such, he was not only bred and groomed to have certain genes neccessary to create a "Manchurian Candidate," but run from afar as well by simple mnemonic hypnotic command. By none other than former East German "Master Spy," Gen. Markus Wolf. I was ushered into US Army M.I. after high school and sent to Germany to lure him to the West. It worked, and he was
    "Turned" in 1977, not 1992. He knew the Communist master agenda for the Communization of America, and it's been counter-run all this time. To include this recent attempted take-over at the top. Instead, it's served to
    lure ALL of the moles from the woodwork - And this knowledge will cause a revolution that will energize the people to take their government back with a vengence.
    A simple DNA test would prove it... Where's the FBI? Help me get this around, pls., so I would be brought in from "Out in the cold." I have real,live personal photos, deliberately imbedded Security Breaches on file with the FBI
    and Army that should by now have been declassified, and name witnesses who can prove all of this. There's even more...
    You'll come to find out why this "Master Spy" of false documentation,
    grooming and political placement deliberately spiked Obama's. It's as you say, everything and everyone Obama named will be reversed.

  13. Barack Obama admitted that he had a childhood in Kenya.

    "Obama Admits Childhood In Kenya" ; from the Chicago Sun Times, Sept 3, 2006. Youtube Vid 2:56 minutes long.

    The article.

    "Obama: Africa lessons; look ahead. En route back to U.S"

  14. Consider your negativity ignored ANON at 8:22 am. All the EVIDENCE collected is enough to IMPRISON O, but more info is always welcome, to make sure O'Fake stays behind bars, for life, unless he gets the "DEATH PENALTY"


    The United States Debt Limit Explained - (CR) Heritage Foundation


  16. You will be lauded as a HERO when this crap comes out in the open, like I know it's going to. I can't wait for that day when I can see you on national TV and cheer! I can envision it already and did as I was reading your complaint. :)

    Hang in there! It won't be long now!!!

  17. Dr. Taitz says on her site that "her big fat wedding" was on an 8th of August nearly a quarter of a century ago.

    On Foxblow they say that she married in Las Vegas like follows:

    Name: Y.T. (redacted by me)
    Gender: Male
    Residence state: California
    Spouse: Orly Averbuch
    Spouse residence state: California
    Marriage Date: 2 May 1987
    Marriage County: Clark
    Officiant type: Religious celebrant
    Recorded date: 21 May 1987
    Recorded county: Clark
    Book: 783
    Page: B685519
    Instrument number: 470169

    Is that true ??

  18. TheEuropean follows the Saul Alinsky model...attack the messenger and redirect everyone away from the core issue. Nice try lib...why would anybody spend 2 million dollars to hide their bc unless they were trying to hide something? Too much for your little brain to comprehend!

  19. @Anonymous

    Well, here is the link.

    Why does Orly Taitz lie about the date of her wedding ? what has she to hide ?

  20. @TheEuropean

    Well, here is the link.

    Why does Orly Taitz lie about the date of her wedding ? what has she to hide ?


    Perhaps it's not so much that she lied as that she got lost and it took her from May 2 to Aug 8 to find the wedding.

  21. If it's true that the executive branch of the federal government is not subject to the provisions of the FOIA - and why would that be? - then I hope that Orly takes this case to the public via as many talk shows as she can get a hearing on. Cite the case, item by item. Including the questions around this man's passport file. And keep this matter before the public's eye, that they don't take their eye off of it.

    The truth must out in this matter. The office of the presidency of the United States is being sullied. The American people must get outraged by this matter, and bring it to a successful conclusion, for government of, by, and for the people to continue - NOT of, by and for the Power Elite running things. So far. That must be made to read: No further.

  22. it is truely disconcerting how often people will make idle chitchat about lawyerly shoptalk ..the various minutia of service ,juridiction ,procedure and other legal hair splitting ,then pretend that this , imo , peripheral discussion somehow overshadows the huge ,unwashed , high smelling and malevolent ELEPHANT in the room .

    its almost as if people are saying "well sure ,obama is almost certainly a fraud and a felon who achieved his office through deception and forgery ...but, orly did it wrong again and there really isnt any legal recourse to remedy this unfortunate situation because ...well gee ..sorry but he is already the president now and we mere peons are now pretty much helpless .

    if obama commited a felony (or two ) to attain his possition ,how then , is he not what constitutes a "domestic enemy " to the constitution ? described in the oath of office of every soldier ,court officer ,judge and politician in this country .

    with all these learned legal scholars at hand , why do we have to rely soley apon a moldavian dentist/lawyer immigrant to save OUR republic for us ?


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